Cultural Influences…Do subtle messages change society?

Forgive me if this post seems like a brain “dump” but there is so much related this topic that I can’t help it. It may seem disjointed but it will come together.

Last week at lunch a friend and I were discussing society morals. We were talked about our Jamaican backgrounds and the sense of morals. We discussed how it compares to the US. We discussed the lack of men in the lives of their children and the effects. She is a psychologist.

During the discussion I mentioned that what was detestable 20 years ago is now acceptable. I mentioned a lady having 1 child by 1 man out of wedlock 30 years ago was looked at with disdain. Today a lady having 3 children by 3 different men out of wedlock is acceptable. In Western culture is used to be unacceptable for a man to have more than 1 wife or even a wife knowing her husband’s “side” girlfriends. A friend recently told me that he knew men in Jamaica that have their wives who take care of their husband’s baby mother children while he goes out with the baby mother (and the baby mother does the same). I believe there is a popular R&B singer of African decent (Not African-American as the term is uses in the US…I hate that term) who is reported to have more than 1 wife. It is acceptable and everyone knows about it.

This leads me to ER (I told you I would be all over the place). Last weeks episode of ER opened with a man in bed with 2 women. Yes…a threesome. I have watched ER for years and I believe one of the agendas of the show it to make what people see as morally wrong to right. I remember 2 seasons ago a devout Christian on the show suddenly was transformed into a party girl who had sex out of marriage. They try to humanize every moral issue and take the side the probably most in society see as wrong. With that said..What most see as wrong now will probably be seen as right a few years from now.

PS: Don’t be surprised if the uproar of about the Mormon church that was raided in Texas comes to a TV near you and is humanized to send a subtle message.