Dancehall recording artiste Bramma Wows Forty Thousand Strong Zimbabweans!

Forty thousand patrons crammed into the Glamis Show Ground at Harare, Zimbabwe to see Elephant ‘Energy God’ Man in full flight on Friday June 24th, 2011.  Dancehall recording artiste Bramma was invited along to perform at the event. When introduced, his explosive entry earned him huge forwards and cheers but what was most memorable for Bramma who was not only visiting Africa for the first time but  has never performed for such a huge crowd, was the fact that is his music is well known among the fans.  Pleasantly surprised at this revelation Bramma said he was humbled by the audience interaction with him as they sang word for word, every line of his selections and more notably his current hit single, “Me Nuh Trus People.” Bramma admitted that the manner in which Dancehall fans in Zimbabwe react to the music is one to get use to (crowd reacts to Elephant as there were times when the huge crowd in their celebratory mood, throw missiles on stage, “De people dem a rail dem love it but at the same time dem fling water, liquor and just about any thing dem have, it crazy, just mad!” he explained.  Bramma said after his performace he was whisked away to his hotel because the crowd got a bit overly excited in an effort to greet him and while leaving the venue saw persons running behind the vehicle transporting him shouting, “Bramma, Bramma, Bramma.” 

While Bramma’s overall experience “was great!” The 24 year old said he had to make mention of the fact that he “has heard other artiste speak about receiving the kind of reception that far outweighs that which is given here at home from audiences such as the Zimbabweans but has never experienced it”.  Now that he has, “it is hard to not think about the times when the pressure got so intense here that I could not help thinking my work has not manifested enough to warrant any major acknowledgement”.  However his trip to Zimbabwe has proven otherwise and the valued lessons to be learned are, “believe in what you do and keep pushing because someone is listening and the importance of understanding the difference in culture between us, Jamaicans and the Reggae/Dancehall fans out there in wider world.” For that, Bramma intends to further educate himself and look forward to another visit to the motherland in the near future.