‘Deadly Instincts’ Exposed To Jamaican Diaspora

Approximately 100 persons, were inspired by the exposure to Racquel Brown Gaston’s “Deadly Instincts” at the onset of Spring, almost three weeks ago. They were gathered at the 767 3rd avenue 2d fl New York, NY, where the Jamaican Consulate hosted Jamaican-born Racquel Brown Gaston as she launched her first book.

Welcomed by Deputy Consular General, Tracey, the over 100 guests were from as far as Maryland, and from within the immediate environs from New York. They were mostly from the Disapora, and a few of Gaston’s closest friends and family members. Among the specially invited guests in attendance was Patrick Beckford, of the Diaspora Advisory Board, who was a close friend of Gaston’s father till his death.

Others spotted were Mrs Karlene Largie, president of the Union of Alumni Association (UJAA) and Mr Mark Parkinson from the Jamaica ex=Soldiers Association. They were encouraged by the deputy general whose responsibility was to speak about the upcoming author, and offered read excerpts from the suspense thriller titled “Deadly Instincts.”

After that the floor was opened by a question and answers session which was to say the least refreshing for the author herself, as others were motivated by her brilliant responses. Afterwards, while the Jamaicans living abroad, feasted on jerk pork, bun with cheese, plantain all chased with rum punch, Gaston added her signature to books being sold. There were no sponsors for the evening, but support to the professor, attorney-at-law hailing from Trelawny, Jamaica as an author is being pledged by the Diaspora who assists with promotion of her book.

Gaston, will be participating in the annual Black Authors Convention slated for Houston, Texas and in June she will visit Jamaica to pay tribute to the palace of her birth with workshops.