Dear francewah

Photo credit: Luis Cortes

You said, “I am your friend, where are you then?”

you said others used me, this I would agree!

“Did u not do the same—for your gain?”

Or was it the enemy I misread?

Dear francewah,

I hear your voice ringing in my head,

Saying, “I am your friend!

—you grin

“Go away, for I do not trust you again!”

I am left to face silent echoes; hurricane—music,

The lessons you taught me, “that I misread,”

Your invitation— I was not worthy to be wed,

I whisper I forgive u, forgive me, for being mislead

Is that true—No I said!” A fool was I,

u wise soul; “moved on to fresh meat!

and we will do this thing again and again,

aren’t you tired? its’ time for you to retire

while I face—the haunting fibs in my head!”

Empress Journee