Dear Mr. President

I plan to buy a home this year, not a house but a home.  A house is something you buy, possibly with an eye toward reselling at some point in the future; some of which has been done recklessly both on the part of the buyers and unscrupulous financial institutions in the past few years.


At 54 I am purchasing a home, because with you in office I now feel safer and more confident that I finally have an advocate; someone who is working on my behalf and who will do his level best to ensure my home, my job and the laws that protect me will be fair, just and equitable for me and for the people of this great country. 


I have heard your critics, those determined to wring the life and vitality out of something they can’t even begin to understand, even though the common people clearly do.  Mr. President you won the election which means you won the hearts, support and goodwill of the American people.  We needed a champion and we chose you, not because you are a “rock star” but because we were sick and tired of being serfs in the American feudal system.  You won because we wanted to exhale and this is what the GOP does not understand.  We might not have the advance degrees but we know what relief feels like and that is what we voted for.  To go against you now means turning our backs on our own self interests and going back into a dark, abusive, one sided relationship.  Why would we do that when we can finally feel the sun on our faces.


So the GOP is out in a fury trying to create their own self fulfilling prophesies insinuating that “the American people have doubts.”  That’s interesting, because no one I have spoken with at work, church or even socially has any doubts about the necessity of the stimulus.  The fact that the stock market rose preemptively last week after the dismal news about job losses, indicates that they are of the mind that clearly the Senate now “gets it” and will vote to pass this Bill.  That there is still ongoing discussion, only highlights the disconnect between Washington and Main Street and shows that this is more about politics than the people.


 We understand fully that the Republicans are between a rock and a hard place in that if the stimulus is passed and the economy begins to turn around they will be have a lot of explaining to do next election; which is why they are insisting on actions they know will impact people like me in a negative way.  Cutting back on aid to the states means my local taxes will go up, while services like fire, police, trash etc. will be reduced and which will provide them with fodder for their next campaign in their districts.  This is both mean spirited and cynical.


My singular hope is that a lot of the rhetoric being tossed around on the Senate floor will resurface in campaign ads during the next election so people like Lindsey Graham who complained about the bill “stinking up the place” will have to explain his reasoning to his constituents, whom I hope, will in turn ensure he knows first hand what it feels like to lose his job.


On the other hand, I also understand that you are gracious enough to give credit where credit is due to those Republicans who rose to the occasion, put country first and in the spirit of bipartisanship helped to pass the Bill.  I also understand, however, that there is a time and a place for everything and if your offer of bipartisanship is rejected as it was in the house, that you are under no obligation to keep casting your pearls, or going to anyone hat in hand, especially when you already have the strong support of those of us who don’t get our opinions from talk show blowhards.


In closing Mr. President, might I again restate that I plan to buy a home this year, possibly a new car, after getting comfortable with a new house payment, that I plan to plant a rose garden, do some traveling and have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family.   My friends, family and I pray for you daily that God will protect you and your family, grant you wisdom and order your steps as you work on behalf of his people. “Seeing you are surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, I pray you will set aside all the distractions and run with patience the race that is set before you.”

 God bless you Mr. President