Deejays For Obama Drive Pre-Summer Energy To President Obama’s Re-Election Bid With A Miami Block Party, May 19, 2012, Miami

With their deft mixes and knowledge of the musical tastes of their fans, an all star cast of Miami DJs will co-host a Block Party on Saturday, May 19, 2012, 2-8pm at the visually inspiring Wynwood Walls, 2528 NW 2nd Avenue, in Wynwood, Midtown Miami in support of Obama Victory Fund 2012.  In collaboration with Gen44, the under 40 fundraising arm of the campaign, and the Florida Finance Commitee, the Block Party will serve as a grassroots fundraiser and energy builder for the campaign as President Obama ramps up his 2012 bid for reelection with recent rallies in Ohio and  Virginia last weekend.


 In the urban arts district of Wynwood , the Block Party will join some South Florida’s leading music DJs, VJs, an radio personalities in the media and entertainment industry.  Their families may know them by different names, but their public supporters know them as DJs  Africa, Entice, Affect, Brass King, Silver Foxx, Papa Keith, Stryke, Pedro M, Austin Cohen, Lady B, Barrie Hype, Delano of Renaissance Disco, Beat, Dorenzo, Eternal Vibes, Fly Guy, House Arrest,  Kauze, Maestro,  Niko Star, Pablo of Hardcore Movements, Lady Terra, Slim Vybez, Timmy HMV, Selecta AJ, Trooklyn, and Peter T.  As music is a driving force in Miami’s tourism and entertainment industry, the roster of DJs for Obama are experts on the nuances and inspirations of music forms such as R&B, pop, dance/electronic, Latin, hip-hop, reggae, funk, soca, konpa, and other genres of music.


The Block Party will feature renowned MC hosts and VJs such as Lorenzo Ice Tea, Monie Love, Ingrid B, Supa Cindy, Vanessa James, Felisha Monet, Mocha Jean, and Giselle D’ Wassi One.  Special guest appearances are expected from performing artists Roberto and Reynaldo Martino of one of Haiti’s leading konpa music bands, T-Vice, Melky Jean, sister of Wyclef Jean, violinists and brothers Sons of Mystro, reggae icons Mykal Rose of Black Uhuru, Bunny Rugs of Third World, and Freddie McGregor, emerging pop artist, Shifta of Timeless Records, among others from the local entertainment and music industry..


Attendees will have opportunity to win Obama campaign chum, view live graffiti paintings, and sign up to volunteer with the campaign, register to vote or request their absentee ballots.