“Dem See The Glory But Dem Don’t Know Mi Story” – Mr.Vegas

If it was ever self-evident that human share a similar fate no matter the geographical location, look no further than the past year. We shared a collateral story. “My sister, my sister, my bredda We’ve been through the storm, through the weather“. Those poignant words are from International recording artist latest “My Story” song/video.

Dem See The Glory But Dem Don’t Know Mi Story Mr.Vegas1
Directed by Dameon Gayle for Warrior Films JA, and filmed on location at the Water Front “Downtown Kingston” in Jamaica (local covid rules observed), “My Story” does just that, it puts honest visuals to an honest and candid story. Fans of Mr. Vegas knows that his lyrical prowess tap into our everyday world, good or bad, happy or sad, his story-telling chants unite us globally by singing along, while swaying to the pulsating beat of the hit-bound Black Shadow produced track.

Speaking on this emotional musical narration, Mr. Vegas explained, “I have been in similar situation,but not to that effect or magnitude where anyone died. But it’s a story that’s been told over and over again. It is unfortunately relatable facts and events“. He further added “I am extremely happy with this project! The video is like a short film and my song is the soundtrack. The directors wrote a great treatment and were effective in executing the vision.

Dem See The Glory But Dem Don’t Know Mi Story - Mr.Vegas2
“My Story” which recently premiered on popular award winning program Onstage, has already garnered over 120k views on Mr. Vegas official VEVO channel. In Tandem, the intentional recording star set social media ablaze with his Tempo TAKEOVER premiere along with Synergy, Urbano TV , vm latino and Vacilon TV, and can also be seen on CBC TV 8 Barbados, Switch TV and Island Riddim TV !

Dem nuh know mi story, dem nuh know mi story
Nuff time mi did a look an eight story but through mi know mi family did ago worry
Mi affi learn fi fight weh dutty heart throw me.
Now a blessings jah a pour me

Watch Mr. Vegas “My Story” https://youtu.be/6ea0FR3V7To