Dennis Chung, A Jamaican with much Reform Fire in the Belly

There are several models of leadership. There is elected leadership and then there is leadership that is evident from the moral conviction they bring to the community that precipitate needed change.  Mr. Dennis Chung, has journeyed into the path of moral leadership and  has written a stellar


that expresses on paper an insightful investigation of instruments of progress in our social, cultural, technical, and political spheres since Independence.  If I was his editor, I would make the argument that it should be called “Yard Independence 2.0”.


The most important item about this book, it is targeted appeal to the average person.  Though rich in content, it is not uppitity in delivery.  Joe Red Stripe can get a copy and feel easily connected to its message.


While others focus on our athletics and entertainment achievements, Dennis has been busy examining our historical trends since Independence and looking for needed catapults to propel us into an orbit of greatness.



One quickly senses he abiding passion for the betterment of Jamaica.   Just read the dedication of  his fine work:

  • Dedicated to my son, Dennis Chung Jr, and the children of Jamaica. My dream is to one day see a Jamaica where:

  • (i) Political views are not divisive.

  • (ii) All citizens can feel safe at anytime and anywhere in Jamaica to go about their lawful and
    productive business.

  • (iii) Every Jamaican has the opportunity to maximize their education and life potential.

  • (iv) Jamaica’s, and across the globe, supermarkets and stores are filled with products branded “Made in Jamaica“.

  •   (v) The name Jamaica symbolizes pride in everything it is associated with, not just sports or music.


We had the recent privilege in discussing Jamaica’s future  with Dennis and I came away with a new sense of possibility for our country. 


 Here is a man with fierce focus of a Kobe Bryant, and the intellectual strength of a Miles Davis who is willing to take the objective yardstick of accounting metrics to crystalize our dire state.  He however does not leave us in misery, but proposes a blueprint to a better day.

Click here to hear his wisdom.


Why not pick up a copy and make it a priority of your summer read. Let’s do our homework now, and revisit his solution around Independence day in August with a vigirous discussion. Yes, it does matter.leadership.jpgleadership.jpg