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Denroy Morgan Case Dropped

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One year and three months after his arrest by Bronx detectives for possession of 25 lbs of marijuana, today Denroy Morgan stood for sentencing in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, on the 11th floor of 500 Pearl Street, in lower Manhattan. He had been caught leaving a house in the Bronx during a surveillance that had not targeted him. The case was dropped by the Bronx Supreme Court after an indictment was filed by the Federal Government charging him with distribution and possession of marijuana.

Denroy Morgan’s case was resolved with a misdemeanor and not a felony as his lawyer successfully convinced the prosecutor, Michael Ferrara that Denroy was not distributing to make a profit but had bought and used the marijuana for spiritual use.

After pleading guilty to a misdemeanor of simple possession, his defense attorney, Sabrina P. Shroff told the Judge that he was right to immediately sentence Denroy. Ms. Shroff told the Court that Denroy had been noted for his civic work and charities, that he had obeyed all the rules of his pre-trial services officer and was going to continue with his music and his life of good works. The prosecutor Michael Ferrara did not disagree and District judge Honorable Paul A. Crotty sentenced Morgan to 90 days of supervised release.

Other than the requirement to pay the court filing costs of $25, the case is completed and closed. Judge wished Denroy success in his music and spiritual journeys and also noted that the result reached was a just one.

After the sentence, Denroy spoke eloquently of knowing he was under the law and subject to the penalties of the law; but that the sentence was one of abundant and unimaginable grace. He remembered especially Galatians 6 verse 4, where Paul promises “Sin shall not be your master, because you are judged not under the law, but under grace.”

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