Gun Debate Turns Ugly


Some people are too emotionally damaged to be capable of human feeling. Some are  too brainless to be capable of  human thought. And some are just evil.

These must be the kinds of people who would threaten to kill others for disagreeing with them. And it must be the worst of that breed who would  threaten the life of a school massacre survivor.

Seventeen-year-old David Hogg  (photo at right),dared to speak out against uncontrolled gun ownership.  He was understandably concerned when his classmates at a Florida high school were gunned down by a lunatic with a submachine gun.

Gun rights zealots targeted the kid after he showed up on TV to plead his case. They said he was a shill for subversive political forces. They flooded social media with conspiracy theories featuring him. Even the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., joined the fray by retweeting one of the slurs.

I guess you could call that kind of scurrilous attack “free speech.” But what do you call death threats?

For, now, NRA supporters are threatening to kill the kid and his family.

And he’s not the only survivor of the massacre to be targeted. Another 17-year-old survivor, Cameron Kasky (photo at right), said he was driven off Facebook by death threats from NRA supporters.

Is this how perverted political debate has become in America? Have the lunatics really taken over the asylum?

And how far do NRA crazies have to go before they’re recognized as a hate group?

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