DHL Express Offers Even Faster Morning Delivery Choices Now To Europe, The USA And Intra-Latin America With A Money-Back Guarantee

DHL, the world’s leading express and logistics company, introduces faster morning delivery choices as early as 9:00 a.m. to major business centers in Europe with DHL’s exclusive money-back guarantee(1). The new DHL EXPRESS 9:00 service, with deliveries by 9:00 a.m. to European destinations, compliments existing DHL EXPRESS 10:30 service to the USA and DHL EXPRESS 12:00 service to Europe, USA and intra-Latin America.

“The digital influence on international trade drives quicker decisions, impatience and subsequently extra emphasis on earlier deadlines. Customers can relax knowing that DHL has in-house customs expertise to expedite such mission-critical deliveries, which fly ‘first class’ on our airplanes to keep important projects on tight deadlines,” said Roger Crook, CEO of DHL Express Americas. 
According to statistics from the Latin Business Chronicle magazine, both Latin American imports and exports from and to the United States and Europe grew by double digits during 2008.  The United States continues to be the primary trade partner of the region, increasing exports to Latin America by 18.5% and imports by 9%.  European exports and imports to the region also grew, increasing 11.6% and 9% respectively.

DHL Express guaranteed(1) morning delivery services are available in Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean. The service offers customers the latest possible afternoon pick-up times in the industry, increased visibility and control of time-definite delivery times, real-time web tracking, proactive delivery and status notifications via e-mail, with the security and safety reliability that has become synonymous with DHL service.