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Diaspora Presses for Union, AUDiTT to Fight Ebola, an African Diaspora Embassy

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“All Africans in the Diaspora must be mobilized in service of Africa” declared the African Union Angolan ambassador to the United Nations His Excellency Tete Antonio. He was calling for greater support in the fight against the Ebola epidemic at the historic meeting in New York. The forum called by the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) on Ebola & Crises in Africa: A Pan African Diaspora Response at the African Union Center on December 15, 2014 was to support Cuba’s leading effort against the Ebola epidemic, and to forge greater union of Africa with African Diaspora nations of the Caribbean and Latin America. His Excellency Ariel Hernandez pointed that Cuba’s dedication to Africa is due to its readiness to serve.
WADU President Dr. Leonard Jeffries declared that “we must mobilize to meet and defeat the epidemic and the greater health and development crisis affecting all Africans.” Mr. David Josue of Haiti and a representative of the nation of Guinea-Bissau and WADU, called for a Union government centered on African women and declared “In Africa, women… carry Africa on their backs.” The historic forum had ambassadors, representatives and leaders of various African and Diaspora nations and African Diaspora leaders from key Pan African organizations. The youthful Brother “Che” G. Wallen and Ms Samantha Jackson co-facilitated the forum.
As a result of the forum with key leaders, the plenary session agreed on the following: 1. Africans to push for President Robert Mugabe to create a united states of Africa during his tenure as the Head of the African Union; 2. Restore AUDiTT as an official Diaspora instrument to promote the sustainable development of Africa, including the fight against the Ebola epidemic; and.3. African Diaspora to collaborate with key Caribbean and Latin American nations to for greater integration with Africa, with the establishment of an African Diaspora embassy in Ethiopia, to be spearheaded by nations such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica.
Finally, WADU and other pan African and Africa related organizations are working with the Inter-Religious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) to mobilize support with Cuba on the Africa epidemic and other related Africa issues. IFCO was established by the Late Reverend Lucius Walker in 1967 and has consistently supported African development, including facilitating scholarships for Africans in the USA to receive medical training. WADU is also encouraging congregations and organizations to establish Africa task teams during the Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Month in January to muster more assistance for Africa.
At the conclusion of the unprecedented meeting Empress Marina Blake, Esq. warned that “the relentless attacks on Black people signal the need for greater protection of Black people” because “Ferguson” is everywhere in the African world. WADU intends to send a Diaspora delegation of Pan Africanists to participate in the upcoming African Union Summit in Ethiopia this January 2015 to press for a strong Union Government, for Black global empowerment. To support WADU, please call 404-822-2049, email [email protected], or go to wadupam.org. To contact IFCO, please call Gail Walker at 212-926-5757 or http://www.ifconews.org/node/405.

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