Did You Say

Photo credit: Jared Rice

……………….what’s there to see, beyond the trees?

Nothing has change lately!

broken down homes, cold face, not so friendly,

in your community, freedom we cry, black lives

must survives—it is our legacy,

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Vote for me—Let change be the key,

To unlock bias and racial discrepancy,

Change this, change that; change me!

Jesus you must seek—we plead!

Look at the sky, your fingers, toes, sight,

your whole body: still you cannot see,

Look at your face, your smile, the innocent child,

Rewrite a new history: that’s ‘good for you

And right for me; With God life is complete,

you have more than some, can’t you see!

Wealth beholds u, my fair lady!

Empress Journee