Digging up the Dirt


When the president and vice president of the United States have to hire lawyers to shield them from prosecution,…

When the vast majority in Congress, however poor before they got elected, are millionaires…

When lobbyists and influence peddlers, foreign and domestic, write the nation’s laws…

I have to wonder what Robert Mueller might find when he turns over the rocks littering America’s political landscape.

My bet is that he will find widespread wrongdoing, from money laundering, computer hacking and election rigging to abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

And I have to wonder whether he will be allowed to complete his investigation.

I don’t mean Mueller will be fired, although that is a distinct possibility.

I fear his life might be in danger.

The infiltration of America’s political system by organized crime is a long-established historical fact. With the stakes as high as they are now, who knows what the criminals involved might do?

I vividly recall the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. And I don’t for a moment believe the official version of the tragedies.

There is a broad and deep undercurrent of evil in this country, and it manifests itself in increasingly audacious ways.

The face of evil is more obvious today than it has ever been.

As we helplessly witness the perversion of our political process, we can only pray for Divine intervention.

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