Big Prizes In Store For Digicel Rising Star Voters

For the sixth season of the show, the first place winner will take home $1million in cash, as well as the opportunity to produce and record a single, as well as a music video, while second and third place winners will take home $600,000 and $400,000 respectively. Though they may sound like the real big winners, Digicel Rising Stars has saved some really great prizes for you, the precious voters, without whom the show simply would not be possible.
Prizes for voters this season are separated into three different levels, so the more you vote, the better your prizes.
Jus Nuff
Prizes in the “Jus Nuff” category go to voters who call in or text one to five times per week. The five weekly winners in this category will each receive a Pepsi lunch bag, a $400 KFC meal voucher, and $400 Digicel call credit.
Little More
Three weekly winners willing to spend a little bit more time and credit, and therefore falling into the “Little More” category, will be rewarded for their six to 15 weekly votes with a Pepsi beach ball, a KFC My Pod radio and $1,000 Digicel call credit!
And what is to become of the one lucky weekly winner in the “Ultimate” crew? For showing your favourite Digicel Rising Star support more than 15 times in that week, you will receive a Sony Ericsson W302 cell phone courtesy of none other than Digicel, a Samsung digital camera courtesy of KFC and Pepsi, $15,000 Digicel call credit, and a $10,000 NCB gift voucher. As a potential “Ultimate” winner, are you satisfied with these amazing prizes so far? Because Rising Stars is not done yet. In addition to those prizes you will also receive a weekend for two at the very central Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, as well as a trip for two to Fort Lauderdale, Florida courtesy of Air Jamaica. 
With all the great prizes being offered to voters this season, it is almost hard to believe that all you have to do to qualify is vote. With the dawning of each new week comes a new opportunity for you to be a winner in a different category, making this the best season so far for Digicel Rising Stars voters.
The Producer of the show, Sharon Schroeter agrees:  “The prizes this season are definitely better. This time you have the chance to win all the prizes in a category instead of just one, as before.
“The ‘Ultimate’ winner will take home the camera, cell phone, credit, voucher, hotel room, airline tickets, everything.”
With so many prizes just waiting to be won, voting should already be second nature. Besides, your favourite Digicel Rising Star is depending on your vote to win, and you do want to see them make it to the top, don’t you?