Digicel Rising Stars Gets Lively With Band

It was a packed studio audience last Sunday night (September 7) for Digicel Rising Stars. The night, with patrons all over, sitting on steps and even standing, climaxed in a night filled with high energy as the five remaining contestants, K’Alee, Cameal, Lashana, SLR and Kahlil, provided a chart-topping Billboard themed-night along with a ferocious Live Band.

The energy was…well let’s hear it from those involved. Sharon Schroeter, producer of the Digicel Rising Stars series, gave of the inclusion of the Live Band in last Sunday’s performance show: “I’m so elated about the inclusion of the live band, we’ve always wanted to incorporate one and now we’ve gotten our chance, it’s our way of showcasing more live music to Jamaica.” Sharon seemed to fizz as she recalled the reaction of Sunday’s show and the ‘fully-full house’ that was present.

“Sunday…the Live Band…the show was great, it was one great force (performer) meeting with another (Live Band) and it created a mega performance,” song bird K’Alee who hails from the Woodford Park community communicated. The songbird’s remark speaks truth as the huge crowd that was present were appreciative as the contestants only received louder and louder cheers.

In regards to the effect of the Live Band on her performance, the Denham Town Princess, Cameal listed: “It really did much for me; it created that energy within me and just charged me up to give more.”

Producer Sharon agrees with both contestants siding: “The contestants are able to feel the music more with a live band, they hear the beat and it gets right to their soul resulting in a better performance.”

So what was pumping the fuel behind, once again, another new introduction to the show on the heels of a well-received gospel-theme night?  Sharon explains: “Our aim is to continuously make this show bigger and better each year. We always want to have Digicel Rising Stars be the most talked about television show and of course keep our viewers entertained – we have grown tremendously over the last five years and introducing new trends showcases that growth.”

Both K’Alee and Cameal saw the introduction as a bit of experience for them. “I was excited, you wanted to know how it was going to feel and how Jamaica was going to respond and if they were they going to like it,” confessed Cameal. K’Alee who sported what series host Yendi styled “A K’Ayonce performance”, also confided: “It was a great introduction and I think it was in a sense preparing us for what to expect when we get out more in the entertainment business.”

The Billboard hit night could be summarized as a truly entertaining night that saw the cadence of the contestants performing to create undulations throughout the live audience. From that of K’Alee who started the show with Beat It from the King of Pop Michael Jackson by sliding on her knees complete with pelvic thrusts in sharp precision to hear Nadine saying: “you are a performer”; Cameal got a standing ovation for her Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

The three little girls from the West used R. Kelly’s and Celine’s I’m Your Angel after coming back from the doors of going home; Lashana came with Taylor Dayne’s Love Will Lead You Back that had Anthony tapping his feet and closing his eyes briefly. Kahlil smashed the atmosphere as they sung Chicago’s Hard to Say I’m Sorry and almost gave a female audience-member convulsions as Wayne stepped off the stage and presented a cerise rose to her.

“The public loved the band, the contestants couldn’t wait for that initial performance and the judges believe that it’s a wonderful addition, so for the team – mission accomplished” – Sharon Schroeter.