Digicel Proposes Compromise Solution To Stanford 20/20 Impasse

Digicel, proud sponsor of West Indies cricket since 2004, has proposed what it believes to be a workable and reasonable compromise solution which is designed to resolve, in full, the present impasse and uncertainty that exists surrounding the proposed Stanford 20/20 event scheduled for 1 November in Antigua.

Digicel has already secured various Orders against the WICB from the English High Court in relation to the proposed Stanford 20/20 event.  These Orders shall remain in place until the ongoing Arbitration process between Digicel and the WICB is fully determined.  A decision in the Arbitration process is expected shortly after a hearing scheduled for early October.

Digicel’s compromise solution will involve the waiver of a considerable number of legal and commercial rights owned by Digicel by virtue of its sole and exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with the WICB.  Digicel has proposed the following solution:

  1. That the team that plays England on 1 November will wear the official West Indies jerseys complete with standard Digicel ODI branding;
  2. That no other telecommunications company will be involved as a sponsor in respect of the proposed events;
  3. That Digicel’s legal costs in respect of the dispute and legal proceedings to date are discharged by the WICB.

This compromise solution will involve Digicel foregoing a large number of valuable legal rights and entitlements including broadcast rights, exclusively branded pitch mats, sight screens, perimeter boards, promotional opportunities, advertising, content rights and various other avenues for commercial use that it currently owns by virtue of its sole and exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with the WICB.  Digicel is prepared to make these very considerable concessions in the interests of achieving an end to what has become a serious and controversial legal dispute.

Digicel has always supported the proposed Stanford 20/20 initiative and has, at all times, sought to proactively engage with the parties concerned with a view towards resolving the present dispute on an amicable and responsible basis.  

Digicel’s compromise proposal is being pursued with the best interests of cricket in the West Indies firmly at heart.  Whilst Digicel remains firmly of the view that the position that it has been forced to take has been completely merited and justified (both commercially and legally), it recognises that the drawing out of the process is not in the best interests of cricket in the West Indies – nor is it in the best interests of the Caribbean region as a whole. As such, Digicel would call upon both the WICB and Stanford to engage constructively on this matter and to put cricket in the West Indies first.  Digicel’s compromise solution is a very credible alternative and provides something for every party concerned.

Digicel has formally notified both the WICB and Stanford of its compromise proposal and is presently awaiting a response within the time period stipulated in its correspondence.  Digicel is hopeful that its compromise proposal will be received in the spirit of co-operation and mutual respect in which it was intended and looks forward to a speedy and amicable resolution of all matters presently at issue.