Digicel still the bigger better GSM network

usually i would be posting this from my phone

but since my Blackberry Plan is through Digicel the fact that i have an active plan does not stop me from being cut off from not only the interwebs, but also phone calls every now and then

now Digicel

we know seh LIME a post billion dollar losses and a put themselves pon every kinda road to recovery

we also know that since we were dunce enough as a people to throw all of our weight behind you creating a strange kind of quasi-monopoly

all the money that drop outta lime coffers drop into yours

thus…and we have the articles to back it up….you are posting billion dollar profits

now please tell me why if this is so

me still haffi a live wid EDGE and more often than not baby edge

but better dan dat why my phone is presently saying GSM which is summn me nuh hear bout since me de a UWI nearly 10 years ago

and me cyaan even mek phone call

yu can explain?

wah yu a tek di money do? but red and white accessories fi you five hundred advertising campaigns?

but paint and poster board fi brand even down to di johncrow dem inna Jamaica

or is it going towards your lobby to have the country’s name changed from Jamaica to Digicel Presents Jamaica?


LIME nuh have half a your money but yet them can allow me fi BB and tek phone call same time

when hurricane come me play game pon my digicel phone and dun di battery caw me can guarantee seh service a go go dung, a me LIME phone me keep pon charge

and on any given day, despite your claims to the contrary, me know seh me nah go above EDGE and yu a go drop me call dem inna fern gully

so why digicel?

why when we a bleed money inna yu pocket yu cyaa just keep di damn service up and runnin

a buy yu nuh know wah fi buy? or work yu nuh know how fi work di sittn dem?

and me know seh there are unforseen circumstances and if a summn bad happen my sympathies

but more often dan it should be BB nah go through fi hours caw digicel pop down. People jus send dem and go cook food caw dem know dem have time

and nuh mek no festival or big event gwaan caw congestion woulda kill we

a di likkle run weh Bolt and Asafa a run a Rome mek dis a gwaan?

too much people a call di say him win?

yu never plan fi people a mek call from dem cell phone when yu a design yu network?

me tiyad a yu now

di only reason me BB even deh pon digi a because everybody have dat number and me nuh waan hear noise bout how much yu a go charge dem fi call cross network

straight laziness and fooliniss mek me end up wid you caw me did promise faithfully it nein a go happen agen


give an eye. me know unnu waan get rid a LIME sake a wah cable and wireless did do unnu

but do you really want the only network in your country to be one that cyaan even stay up?

tink bout dat