Digicel Next Generation Artistes Ignite Reggae Sumfest Stage

Digicel’s Next Generation campaign ambassadors, I-Octane and Agent Sasco, showed a packed-to-capacity Catherine Hall entertainment complex just how bright the future of Jamaican music is when they delivered sterling performances on Dancehall Night at the 2010 staging of Reggae Sumfest.

Dressed in purple and white, I-Octane first of the two Next Generation artistes to christen the stage on Thursday July 22 and made no qualms mystifying the thousands of patrons with his smooth vocals, powerful messages and positive music.

Born Byiome Muir, I-Octane’s soul-stirring 45-minute stint on stage showed Montego Bay exactly the stuff real performers are made of. He never lost the vital connection between himself and the crowd, made evident by the constant streams of torches and lighters dotting the dark Montego Bay sky. Signs that the reggae singer got the thumbs up from Reggae Sumfest came each time the first chords of his many hit songs started to emanate from the towering speaker boxes at the front of the stage. Fireworks, firecrackers and fire-rockets competed with screams of approval as I-Octane’s voice reverberated through the venue, and he took the crowd to entertainment ecstasy.

Sharply clad in a clean-lined metallic suit and a black skinny tie, dancehall’s most versatile artiste Agent Sasco indelibly wrote his name in the minds of Reggae Sumfest patrons in true Next Generation style. Masterfully going through a seemingly endless arsenal of hit songs, Agent Sasco owned his stage and engaged his audience – which wasn’t hard to do. After all, from his first minute on-stage, the crowd had their hands in the air and only took them down when the artsite spoke to them or transitioned through songs.

Agent Sasco would satisfy the entertainment-hungry audience for almost an hour with his usual and unmistakable energy, which was rewarded with constant crowd approval. Shouts for encores were instantaneous when his time onstage ended.

Digicel’s Sponsorships and Events Manager, Tahnida Nunes was beaming with joy after the two artistes performed, emphatically stating, “The Next Generation is here, and it is bright”.

“We are so proud of I-Octane and Agent Sasco and their performances tonight,” Nunes said as she happily congratulated the two faces of Digicel’s campaign on their on-stage antics.

Nunes also reiterated that the telecommunications giant is dedicated to “the next generation in totality, to Jamaica, and Jamaican entertainment.”

“Definitely, there are bigger, better things to look forward to from Digicel and The Next Generation.”