Digicel Rising Star: Cameal Davis

When the 5th season of Digicel Rising Stars got under way with the usual search for talent in May 2008, no one could have guessed that that would be the history making season when the first female winner of the popular talent competition would be crowned.

Cameal Davis won the hearts of Jamaicans that year and she’s been busy since, building her career while supporting a cause that is dear to her heart – the preservation of the environment.

The first female to win the competition, Cameal Davis says the feeling at that moment was remarkable: “When I won the night, all I could do was cry, those tears were tears of joy, tears of accomplishment, because being the first female is like being an ambassador for all the other females who didn’t win. It was a dedication to my mother, to myself and to all the females who entered the competition. It was so overwhelming.”

During the Digicel Rising Stars competition Cameal struck a golden note with her rendition of the Jennifer Hudson song Spotlight. Therefore when an opportunity came for Cameal to star in the local production of “Dream Girls”, she didn’t hesitate: “It was a new experience, I loved acting from high school. I was chosen to play Effie and I was awed by the opportunity, it was a really good experience because along with acting I’d also get to sing.”

Cameal says she’d love to do more acting and has even dreamt of performing on Broadway.

With plans for an album in the near future, Cameal says she’s now focusing on releasing singles and getting her music out there. She’s working with the Penthouse Label to release several singles one of which is a remake of Toni Braxton’s Another Sad Love Song. Cameal says she’s a powerful and soulful singer and that’s what she wants fans to expect from her music: “I just want to tell people to listen out for powerful stuff, fun stuff, music you can relate to.”

The 2008 Digicel Rising Star says she would love to collaborate with several of dancehall’s best and some international artistes: “I’d love to sing with Taurus Riley and Busy Signal. Internationally I’d go crazy if I ever have a chance to work with Whitney Houston or Jennifer Hudson.”

Cameal is also lending her vocal skills to a cause that is dear to her heart – the preservation of the environment. Cameal is among a set of artistes who work with the group Voices for Climate Change which helps to educate people on the effects of their actions on the environment.

Cameal says being in the Digicel Rising Stars competition has prepared her well for some of the challenges that come with having a professional career: “During Digicel Rising Stars it wasn’t just about going on stage and singing. It helped in terms of performances. There were several workshops which helped with time management and teaching you how to be comfortable on stage. You also learn how to schedule properly and helped you to know how to work with different people. Digicel Rising Stars also helped me to be more appreciative of the people who believe in my talent.”