Florida Company Introduces Discount Island Bargains

A Florida company is set to offer nationals and businesses in the Caribbean islands, discount shopping and shipping online from this week.
IslandBargains.com will open its online store for business on July 9th, and is touting itself as the all-inclusive place to shop for brand name items, at discount prices, while also allowing customers to take advantage of the lowest shipping rates.
The store’s owners say the aim is to offer “discount items” to Caribbean nationals with the opportunity to have their goods shipped directly to them at a reasonable price, “whether it’s rain, shine or a hurricane.”
Bargains include brand name school supplies, food and drink, household items, children toys, building supplies and even hurricane supplies. Costs range from dollar store prices of 33 cents and up.
Caribbean nationals can simply log on to Islandbargains.com, shop, place their order and have the items shipped to them directly, without any hassles. Customers will be able to shop safely and securely online, and track their order and delivery date on the website.
Nationals can also make special procurement requests, and IslandBargains.com will secure the items for you, and ship them at low costs. “Let us know what you want and we’ll get it,” say the store owners.
The company is also offering a unique approach in “consolidations,” meaning even if the nationals shop with other merchants, they can have the goods dropped off at the IslandBargains.com warehouse, and take advantage of the low, discount shipping rates. Most small packages start at US$20, “all inclusive” with no hidden fees!

The company has begun offering direct shipping to Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas, but urged nationals to keep their eyes open, as they are coming to your island soon!
“IslandBargains.com is dedicated exclusively to the delivery of products and goods to the Caribbean, through various vendors throughout Florida,” says the owner. “We consolidate your freight, take care of customs and provide low shipping costs, as a result.”