Disloyal Senators Cross the Line



In British Commonwealth countries like Jamaica and Canada, the party that isn’t in power at the moment is known as the “loyal opposition.” Obviously that term does not apply in America.

The Republicans control Congress but not the White House, and as someone who was born in Jamaica and lived for a long time in Canada, I expect Congress to “oppose” the President but I expect Congress to be “loyal” to America.

I do not expect members of Congress to sabotage America’s foreign policy.

I am shocked and disappointed when Republican senators intervene in the negotiations between the US and Iran in an obvious  effort to block a nuclear arms deal.

That’s disloyal.

And dangerous. In their power play, these strutting buffoons are putting the whole world at risk. Their bellicose ally, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, warned Congress recently that a nuclear Iran would endanger mankind.

Ironically, the Republican lawmakers, obviously pandering to Netanyahu, have made a nuclear Iran more likely by writing a threatening letter to its leaders in the midst of delicate negotiations designed to end Iran’s nuclear program.

If America follows Netanyahu’s advice and adopts a harder line with Iran, a pact would be out of the question. The only way to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon would be war.

In that event, would the Iranians then abandon their nuclear program? Of course not. They would pursue the program with even greater urgency.

And, in the meantime, they would fight back with all of their considerable conventional military might. Defeating Iran might prove more difficult than the US and Israel bargained for.

So would the US and Israel use their nuclear capability to defeat Iran?

Where would that lead? Russia has an arsenal of nuclear weapons and Russia is Iran’s traditional ally. If the US and Israel initiate nuclear warfare, it would inevitably lead to a global conflagration unlike anything the world has ever seen.

But what do those Troglodytes in the Senate care?

They told Iran where to get off, and if they bring on Armageddon, well, that’s just too bad.

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