Do you think “Black Leaders” is a deceiving term?

A few weeks as the NY Governor Paterson “drama” played out the media reported that Black leaders for NYC held a press conference to show support for him.  Each time I hear the term “black leader” I cringe a little.  I wondered why the media did not use the term community leaders.  It seems like a clear case where the media wants to divide the community between black and white.

Because black leaders support him everyone who is black does….right.  The is probably the perception the media wants to portray.  It sells papers,  helps the TV talking heads and fuels call in radio.  Per the media “all black people support the NY Governor just like they did OJ Simpson”.

Is there a double standard. If the tables were turned and the Governor was white and a few white “leaders” came out and said they support him what would the press write.

The headline “White Leaders support Governor Sanford and urge him not to resign”. Yes the first thing that would come to the mind of many people would be racism. Is a white supremacist group supporting the Governor? Is it a group of group of racist leaders who support him because of something do do with the black community (or another minority community) being against him?

PS: It is a bit ironic that the person most networks  use to speak for the black community,  Rev. Sharpton

, thought the Governor should set down but has now changed his mind.