Dominican Republic’s Roundtable Dinner: Unlocking Jamaican Exports To Latam. Forging Successful Business Connections With The Dominican Republic

On Wednesday, August 30, a distinguished event titled “DOMINICAN REPUBLIC’S ROUNDTABLE DINNER: Unlocking Jamaican Exports to LATAM.” Forging Successful Business Connections with the Dominican Republic was held at the official residence of Her Excellency Angie Martinez, the Dominican Republic Ambassador to Jamaica, and her husband His Excellency Edward Pérez Reyes, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Dominican Republic to the International Seabed Authority. The gathering of key business leaders, government officials, and industry experts facilitated a strategic conversation on enhancing trade relations between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic and the larger region of Latin America.

Dominican Republics Roundtable Dinner Unlocking Jamaican Exports To Latam. Forging Successful Business Connections With The Dominican Republic1
(l-r) Craig Powe, conceptualiser of the Keys to LATAM conference, & CEO of Adtelligent, Nadine Seaga, Hon. Minister of Agriculture Floyd Green, Her Excellency, Angie Martinez the Dominican Republic Ambassador to Jamaica, Metry Seaga, President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, Stephen Price, CEO of Flow Jamaica were excited to share the possibilities of exporting to the Latin American market and the Keys to LATAM conference to be held at the Spanish Court Hotel, Thursday, September 7.

The event served as a prelude to the upcoming “Keys to LATAM” conference, to be held on Thursday, September 7 at the Spanish Court Hotel. It aims to empower business leaders seeking to amplify Brand Jamaica, fuel economic growth, and foster diaspora support.

Dominican Republics Roundtable Dinner Unlocking Jamaican Exports To Latam. Forging Successful Business Connections With The Dominican Republic2
Her Excellency, Angie Martinez the Dominican Republic Ambassador to Jamaicax hosts Nadine Seaga and the conceptual user for the Keys to LATAM conference and the CEO of Adtelligent at the Dominican Republic Roubtable.

As Ambassador Martinez addressed the table, she applauded her guests, thanking them for attending, “Since my arrival in Jamaica, I have been committed to developing a win-win relationship between our two countries. I have received support from key authorities in Jamaica, that have enabled us to achieve significant milestones and attain extraordinary outcomes.” She continued, “I want to highlight the fact that the Dominican Republic is an open economy that in the year 2022 the country imported products worth more than $40 billion from the global market. In 2020, Jamaican exports to the Dominican Republic amounted to $1.2 million, a figure that surged to $2.7 million by 2022. As we delve into the statistics, it’s evident that while these numbers have doubled, the realm of possibilities remains vastly uncharted. Given our strategic proximity, Jamaica should be exporting more than $2 million to the DR. However, let us cast our minds back to 2003, when the trade landscape was notably more balanced. The Dominican Republic exported $18 million worth of goods to Jamaica, while Jamaica reciprocated with exports totalling approximately $10 million.”

The roundtable, graced by Minister Floyd Green of Agriculture, shared his sentiments to Her Excellency and Mr Craig Powe, “You have assembled a diverse set of Jamaicans that can lead the charge of exporting into the Latin American market. It is an area that we do not place enough emphasis on, how can we share our experience? How can we come up with innovative ways that we can tap into the demand that is out there for Jamaican services.“

Metry Seaga, the President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), provided a platform for fruitful discussions on business expansion and economic collaboration. Metry Seaga shared with a nod of approval of the conference, “We are looking to create more export, more value-added, for Jamaican companies and logistics and Keys to LATAM conference speaks to that.”

The conceptualiser of the Keys to LATAM conference, Craig Powe, of Adtelligent, was sure to mention that he has travelled Latin America extensively, saying, “You see, we often hear about the challenges that loom large—language barriers, costly shipping, complex regulations, and even the lack of business acumen. But as someone who has gone down the rabbit hole of Latin American trade, I assure you, that many of these walls are not made of bricks but of paper. They are imaginary lines drawn on a map, and it’s high time we erased them…The very essence of entrepreneurship is solving difficult problems. The ‘Keys to LATAM’ conference is not a mere assembly of facts and figures; it’s a roadmap to navigate these challenges, backed by real case studies of Jamaican businesses thriving in Latin America.

In closing, he asked the table,”Let’s not just admire the keys; let’s turn them. Let’s unlock the doors that have long remained closed and step into a realm of limitless possibilities.”

Notable attendees included Jodi-Ann Quarrie of the American Chamber of Commerce; Gassan Azan, CEO of Jamagro Tech Farms Ltd, MegaMart and Bashco Trading Company; Stephen Price, CEO of Flow Jamaica; Chris Williams, CEO of Proven Investments; Brian Jardim, CEO of Rainforest Caribbean; Andrew Leo-Rhynie, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at Grace Kennedy; Stephen McConnell, Export Manager of Tradewinds Citrus Limited; Sergio González López, Executive Director of Operations, Unicomer Group; Danny Melville JR, CEO of Tropical Batteries; Richard Coe, CEO of Fleetwood Jamaica; Sheldon Powe, CEO of Innovate 10X, Adrien Lemaire; Director of Doctor Bird Services; Anup Chandiram of Bijoux Jewelers; among other prominent business leaders.

Among the highlight participants, Sydney Thwaites, representing Lubricating Specialties Company Jamaica Limited, shared his insightful journey of successfully shipping to the Latin American market, offering valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of expanding business operations into this dynamic region.

The Dominican Republic roundtable set the stage for the forthcoming “Keys to LATAM” conference, where business leaders will gather to exchange knowledge, strategies, and experiences to enhance their foothold in the Latin American market. The conference targets CEOs, Marketing Managers, Export Managers, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs seeking to capitalise on the untapped potential of Latin America.

The “Keys to LATAM” conference presents a comprehensive toolkit for business expansion, covering vital aspects such as investment, trade, and diaspora contributions. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in enlightening discussions, network with industry peers, and gain actionable insights from successful business leaders who have already navigated the complexities of the Latin American market.

The conference is an initiative to fuel economic growth, foster diaspora support, and amplify Brand Jamaica on the global stage. With a focus on empowering businesses to enter and thrive in the Latin American market, the “Keys to LATAM” conference is poised to be a pivotal event for advancing regional trade and economic cooperation.

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