Don’t Go, Hillary! We Really, Really Need You!

I know you must be absolutely exhausted, Hillary. And I can only guess how frustrated you must feel. But you can’t quit now. Reconsider your plan to take it easy for awhile before, possibly, running for President in 2016. Stay a little longer.

You are the best Secretary of State America has ever had, possibly the best any nation could ever have. Of course you’ve had your failures. It’s a crazy world out there.

Who would’ve expected that Benghazi attack? It was perhaps the last place in the world Americans should have been subjected to that kind of hatred. America saved Benghazi’s skin when Ghadafi was all set to wipe out the city. And Ambassador Chris Stephens was a staunch friend of the Libyan people. He insisted on staying to help rebuild the broken country. And it cost him his life.

As an ex-boss of mine used to say, no good deed goes unpunished.

And imagine the UN voting to accept Palestine over the objections of America and Israel – and a handful of other countries. What’s up with that?  And that Mursi guy in Egypt. What a doofus he’s turned out to be with his power grabbing decree. But these are aberrations. You’ve had far more winners than losers in the past four years.

And such years they have been! Strife and betrayal everywhere. Nobody able to get along with anybody else… It’s enough to make anyone throw in the towel.

But things aren’t getting any better, Hillary. We need you now more than ever.

I have to confess that I have another, less flattering motive for begging you not to quit, though. I would like to see John McCain’s face when you say you’re staying on. After all the vitriol he has poured on the innocent head of that poor Susan Rice, I imagine he would be stunned and heartbroken if it all turned out to be a waste of his ire.

Besides, by staying on, you might encourage John Kerry to keep his Senate seat. And what a poke in the eye that would be to McCain and the other Republicans who are obviously scheming to give Scott Brown another chance at getting elected in Massachusetts. They figured President Obama would have to pick Kerry as Secretary of State if they managed to block Rice’s appointment, and that would leave his Senate seat open.

Of course, the president might still tap Kerry’s formidable expertise for another cabinet post, but there’s a chance Kerry might prefer to stay on as head of the Foreign Relations Committee if he doesn’t get your job.

So don’t go Hillary. At least, not yet. Stay on for a couple of years at least. Perhaps by then, the Republicans will be too busy trying to hold on to their House majority to find time for attacking Susan Rice.

Besides, John McCain isn’t getting any younger. With any luck, he’ll be out to pasture by then.

Photos above show (from left) Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and John McCain.

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