Don’t Let Con Artists Take Over the White House

I was going to document the litany of lies that John McCain and Sarah Palin have recited against Barack Obama, but that would take too much space, so I am asking you to trust me on this:

These morally bankrupt people will tell any lie – and repeat it again and again even after it has been disproved – to try and get elected. They know many listeners will see that they’re lying, and they don’t care. If some people recognize – even point out – a lie, others will be deceived by it. So they will continue to repeat the lie until it sinks in.pitbull

john mccainEven more troubling than their habit of lying is their play acting. Believe me, they are not the people they pretend to be. You might be tempted, as I was, to dismiss the top Republican candidates as just a demented old warrior and a star-struck cheerleader. But that would be a mistake. These are skilled con artists, playing roles that disguise their dangerous mission – to deliver the leadership of America and the free world into the hands of pillagers and looters. A McCain-Palin administration would bring endless war, irreparable damage to America’s economy and chaos throughout the world. No kidding. I do not have the space to list all of their deceptions, but here are a few cons that you may have noticed:

Exploiting Christianity. McCain must laugh out loud when he sees the religious right lining up behind the Republican ticket. Does he go to church regularly? Not on your life! Does he practice Christianity? Are you kidding me? As for Palin, do you believe in witchcraft? She does. There is a video of her on You Tube that shows her pastor conducting a ceremony to drive witches away from her campaign. I suspect that she would profess any belief to get elected.

Pretending to value working men and women. If you believe that, you will believe anything. John McCain has voted against just about every benefit proposed for working Americans in the past quarter of a century. He even threatened a filibuster to block an attempt to raise the minimum wage. As for women, forget it! He opposed equal pay for women on the grounds that “they need more education and training,” and he opposed funding for breast cancer research.

Posing as “maverick” reformers. Give me a break! McCain’s closest pals have included some of the most notorious mob figures in Arizona (as well as Watergate villain Gordon Liddy). He once sent a “happy birthday” telegram to convicted racketeer Joe Bonanno, and at least five members of the Bonanno family contributed $2,100 each to the McCain campaign last year. Farther back, legendary gangster Meyer Lansky’s reputed henchman, the late Kemper Marley, helped bankroll the “war hero’s” political debut. Furthermore, McCain’s current presidential campaign is run by lobbyists representing global financial interests. And his pal and economic adviser Phil Gramm spearheaded the dismantling of safeguards that might have prevented the Wall Street meltdown. As for being a “maverick,” check the record: You will find McCain voted with Bush 90 percent of the time. You might also want to look up Palin’s unsavory record as mayor of Wasilla, and her questionable expense accounts as governor of Alaska.

Palin’s folksy act. This make-believe “blue-collar” character is actually a rich college graduate. Time Magazine reported that Todd and Sarah Palin’s net worth is “at least $1.2 million.” And their income last year was more than a quarter of a million dollars. Sarah Palin’s salary as governor was $125,000; Todd Palin took in $46,790 as a part-time oil production operator for BP Alaska in Prudhoe Bay, plus $46,265 in commercial fishing income and $10,500 in Iron Dog snowmachine race winnings. These figures do not include nearly $17,000 in per diem payments Palin received for 312 nights spent in her own home since she was elected governor; she also has received $43,490 to cover travel costs for her husband and children. In addition, each member of the Palin family received $1,654 in state oil royalties paid to all Alaskans. They own a half-million-dollar home on a lake with a float-plane at the dock, two vacation retreats, and commercial-fishing rights worth at least $50,000. Palin is no latter-day Minnie Pearl, believe me – no matter how many times she says “you betcha” or “doggone it.” You know she couldn’t have earned her journalism degree by using that kind of English.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea, don’t you? These people have no principles, no beliefs, so they will say or do anything to get your vote. They don’t care if what they say is false. They don’t care if it contradicts something they said earlier. All they care about is getting elected. Once that is accomplished the masks will come off, and their true faces will be revealed (see photos above).