Dufton Shepherd Launches Slightly Unhinged Comedy Special – New Kingston, Jamaica

Popular comedian and TV personality Dufton ‘Duffy’ Shepherd is set to have his first ever stand-up comedy show, ‘Slightly Unhinged’, The 10 year Challenge, later this month.

Dufton Shepherd Launches Slightly Unhinged Comedy Special

As the name suggests, the comedy special is set to celebrate Shepherd’s 10 years on stage and screen in Jamaica. He started his career when he was a finalist on the popular television comedy competition ‘Comedy Bus’ back in 2008 and has catapulted as a major host and stand-up comedian since then.

Dufton has for the past two years been a staple on the weekly comedy showcase ‘Johnny LIVE Comedy Bar’ and a host on popular live TVJ variety show ‘Daytime LIVE’. Shepherd believes now is the right time to highlight his journey in comedy as he has grown and matured in the business and wants to celebrate that growth.

“Based on the love I received in the past two years, I believe that this is the right time. I’ve gotten the platform to practice and perfect my craft at Johnny’s Comedy Bar, and other comedy shows; including the Mike Epps show last year, and now is the time to show me 100%,” Dufton explained.

Shepherd also recently officially launched his one-man show ‘Slightly Unhinged’ at Johnny Live Comedy Bar, at the Blue Room at the Phoenix Theater. According to Shepherd fans were excited and can’t wait to for the actual show; which will be on March 31, 2019 at the Phoenix Theater, Haining Road in New Kingston.

“The anticipation was evident at the launch and so I expect a sold out show come March 31, fans are ready and very excited about the actual show, it’s going to be side splitting humour,” Dufton added

Slightly Unhinged will give comedy fans a peek into the crazy mind of Dufton Shepherd. This is the first such show for Shepherd and he promises a rollercoaster ride through his ten year journey.

“My fans will get a chance to see me do something they’ve never seen me do before; they will get to see me perform for an hour or more, and get to see me slightly or fully unhinged,” Dufton surmised

Dufton Shepherd’s ‘Slightly Unhinged’ 10 Year Challenge happens on Sunday March 31st starting at 8:oo pm, it also features comedic sets from Christopher ‘The Entertainer’ Larmond and Diego ‘The Cross Eyed Villain’ and will be hosted by Dahlia Harris. The show has major support from corporate sponsors including; Red Stripe, CB Foods, Carimed, Johnny LIVE Productions and others.