Dump Trump? Not So Fast!

There are many reasons to rid America of the blight inflicted by the recent presidential election. But there’s one equally compelling reason to endure it.

Rid the nation of Trump and what have we got? Mike Pence.

Trump is a menace, of course, but Pence would be worse. The vice president is a truly dangerous human being.

To quote a tweet from someone identified as Dr. Kelly Sennholz:

Mike Pence is the walking personification of the banality of evil.

Not just evil, but the banality of evil.

Villains like Pence make evil seem normal. They look so ordinary, talk so ordinary, walk so ordinary.

And yet they stand for so much that J consider loathsome in human nature.

Bigotry. Racism. Xenophobia. Selfishness. Self righteousness. Lack of compassion… In short, the cold blooded inhumanity that so many of today’s “conservatives” embrace.

These are people who would never consider walking a mile in your shoes. They would much prefer to take your shoes away to teach you a lesson.

To them, that’s “tough love.”

What makes Pence especially dangerous is his skill at sugar coating his toxic doctrine. He does it all for your own good, don’t you see?

For example, as governor of Indiana, he advocated praying for the “conversion” of gays while depriving transgendered people of suitable toilet facilities.

No, Trump – blundering, clumsy, tweeting Trump – is less lethal than the man who would succeed him as president.

Our best hope is that as the involvement of Russia is revealed, the election loses so much credibility that a new election has to be held.

I know, it;s a long shot. But, as fas as I can see, it’s our best shot.