Dusk Till Dawn – Classy Caribbean flair May 27th, 2006 Tampa Florida

Break Away Moments presents ‘DUSK ‘TILL DAWN’…Poolside @ Summerwood Gardens on
Sat. May 27th at 11711 Tarpon Springs Rd, Odessa, Fl……Time: 6:00pm – Midnight.

It is an adult affair where the gardens lends itself to the
sensational atmosphere and beautiful ambiance Break Away Moments will capture, and
enhance with our ‘special touches’ that signify what we are all about…That is, we
offer the ‘cutting edge difference in classy Caribbean flair!’…This event is another
themed, specialty function such as, Break Away Moments focuses on producing
throughout the Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida areas. ‘DUSK ‘TILL DAWN’ will offer a
garden setting with divine Caribbean cuisine, a variety of hors d’oeuvres and tasty
island pastries, amidst pervading reggae music provided by a steel drum band poolside, a
soloist singing Jamaican Folk songs at interludes, and a guitarist strumming through
the gardens…Gardens which will be candlelit to create that romantic atmosphere for
guests to enjoy!…Flowers and plant fauna will exhilarate the senses while the
gazebo, deck, and ponds found at the location will give attendees lovely areas to relax
and enjoy it all in!…Various food stations will be established at strategic points
throughout the garden as guests stroll the area. The additional personalized service
of servers passing lemonade and island punch will be offered. Guests of course,
will mix and mingle with each other in this wonderful atmosphere created specifically
with them in mind!

Break Away Moments will have a tentative door prize of a hotel stay in Jamaica…the
gesture of the Jamaica Tourist Board who is standing 100% behind us in our
efforts!…They recognize the significance of the quality entertainment and upscale social
functions we are striving to offer our attendees,and the focus we are maintaining in
the Tourist Industry as we positively promote our Caribbean background…We are
targeting a diverse audience and a ‘high-end clientelle’ as we host our events…Break
Away Moments also plans on ‘giving back’ to our society, both in the U.S where we, the
owners currently reside, and to the island of Jamaica where we were raised…We have
adopted the National Aids Committee in Jamaica as the mainstay recipient of part
proceeds from all our events which will be hosted. We will additionally, choose one
other organization to contribute to, in conjunction to the NAC…This we are
coordinating through a liason with Ruth Weller-Jankee, our personal friend who still resides
in Jamaica. She worked previously with the NAC and is now with the JNBS (Jamaica
National Building Society) as General Manager JNBS Foundation who are creating a
diaspora between Jamaica and the U.S….They will provide a list of organizations in need
of help, to which we will make contributions as we see fit.

Break Away Moments has created a magazine called the ‘Break Away Loop!’ which has
its premier publication coming soon, to be distributed into the mainstream. This
magazine, designed to showcase our events and the V.I.P. guests who attend, is being
developed as a significant ‘Travel & Entertainment’ magazine. We plan to feature
famous Caribbean artists, cultural aspects of the island lifestyle, and the Tourist
Industry which is an integral part of what we plan to showcase at our affairs. We will
feature hotels in the Caribbean, points of interest, the ethnic cuisine, recreation,
arts & craft, and more…This distribution will be in the Tampa, Orlando and South
Florida areas where Break Away Moments plans on hosting its events as well as, in
areas of the Caribbean such as Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Turks and Caicos Islands
and more…Most importantly, we wish anyone with any interest in Break Away Moments to
know that, in all avenues of our business venture we plan to ‘deliver the ultimate
best’…and, we are a business ‘built on integrity!’

Sandy Isaacs & Jennifer Gordon-Martin
Break Away Moments
Tel: Sandy @ (321)439-5572 or Jennifer @ (813)368-2495
Email: breakawaymomentsevents @ yahoo.com
Website: www.breakawaymoments.com