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Dynamq Is Crowned King Of U.S. Rumble Sound Clash 1
Dynamq rejoices after an emotional U.S. Rumble victory.

Dynamq Is Crowned King Of U.S. Rumble Sound Clash

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As the epitome of Jamaica’s competitive art form of  sound clash unfolded in the infamous Irish and Chin U.S. Rumble in the Bronx, New York on Saturday, May 5, 2018, the sweet taste of a historic lock off and victory was fate for the much deserving contender Dynamq Sound International’s Kennedy Lorya. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri by way of Sudan, just as he has done in life, the determined selector overcame numerous obstacles to win the U.S. Rumble sound clash.

Dynamq Is Crowned King Of U.S. Rumble Sound Clash 1
Dynamq rejoices after an emotional U.S. Rumble victory.

In what was an unprecedented victory for U.S. Rumble, Dynamq mastered the art of music, execution and entertainment, defeating what many have hailed as the best set of contenders yet for the clash — including Revolution (Washington, D.C.), Jah Mikey One (California), Black Magic (Atlanta, GA), Webbzite (Rochester, NY), Banky Hype (New Jersey) and defending champions Platinum Kids (New York).

“The energy and adrenaline that I witnessed from the performers and patrons continues to intensify through the 2018 Rumble Series. And just when you thought the Rumbles Series had reached it’s climax, the latest stop on the Rumble train adds even greater entertainment value to the global 20th Anniversary World Clash competition,” says Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin.

Dynamq Is Crowned King Of U.S. Rumble Sound Clash 2
U.S. Rumble winner Dynamq and promoter Garfield “Chin” Bourne flex with the trophy.

Dynamq has had his heart set on sound clash going back to his days on the Shashamane sound system. Eyeing Irish and Chin and other viable sound clash stages for more than a decade, the African born sound came to win and win only. “I feel truly honored, happy, motivated but most of all ready to take on the world,” says Lorya.

Although sounds demonstrated sharp skills through out U.S. Rumble, the crowd had no mercy, effortlessly ousting them from the heated clash. Black Magic, Platinum Kids, Webbzite and Banky Hype were the first sounds to go. Despite a malfunctioning laptop and lost crates, the African attire adorned Dynamq rose to the occasion defeating sounds with wit, music and electrifying sets infused with a “Wakanda Forever” theme.

In the fourth “Mystery” round, Dynamq’s fate was sealed as he unleashed impromptu vocal selections, amidst hurling insults at remaining sounds Jah Mikey One and Revolution. While Jah Mikey One and Revolution boasted impressive performances through the fourth round, their “Dead Artist” and “Ganja Tunes” segment could not compete with that of Dynamq. In fact, Dynamq played so well that for the first time in U.S. Rumble history, a “lock off” happened, preventing the clash from entering a “tune fi tune” — securing Dynamq’s victory.

Upon winning the U.S. Rumble sound clash, the humble and grateful Dynamq displayed an outpour of emotion, as he was flocked by family and fans. Determination has been the story of his life. During a rather personal testimony on Sound Chat Radio the night before U.S. Rumble, Dynamq detailed his younger years in a Kenya refugee camp, where he was introduced to Reggae by listening to David Rodigan on a small radio. And It was Desmond Decker’s “Israelites” that spurred his determination to rise and overcome all challenges. In addition to being a sound man, Dynamq is also a rather good singer and producer.

U.S. Rumble is the third clash in Irish and Chin’s Rumble Series 2018 season, with Japan Rumble, Euro Rumble and U.K. Rumble slated for June 9, 23 and 30 respectively. Canada Rumble and Caribbean Rumble were held in March and April. Designed to bring rising talented selectors and sounds into the clash arena, winning sounds are bound to face off at the renowned World Clash in Canada later this year, which is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary. A separate World Clash 20th Anniversary event is planned for Reggae Sumfest on Thursday, July 19, 2018 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

U.S. Rumble Audio:  https://soundcloud.com/irisha ndchin/us-rumble-2018

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