Each day

Each day I receive grace, blessings, prayer
Each day I receive kindness, gifts—I get a meal
A roof over my head, shower—time to reflect
I get to look at my mom and dad picture
Who has moved on
I get to speak to a sister and a brother
Who may or may not know me
Even in their or my impatience
Each day I get to hear my grands.
Each day I get to write, sing,
Pray, text a message of
Good morning, good night to a few
Each day I am bless with a friend that
May remember to call, visit, that came
And leave
Each day when I feel life seems grey,
Dull, long—his love reminds me
I am in heaven. I am very blessed,
So, I am blessing you readers with
This poetic gift each day, I pray you
Receive—thank you!

Empress M.