Eddie Seaga encourages Portia to peg the Jamaican dollar to US currency

and once again Jamaica is to bitch up and claim its rightful placeby America’s left foot.
how inventive Mr Seaga

“This would be revolutionary for attracting low-cost funds for agriculture, education, infrastructure and low-cost housing, cr

eating thousands of new jobs,” <— everytime the government needs to some decisions that destroy the sovereignty of the country, or that place more decision making power in the hands of external agents, or that make us more beholden to US economic policy and economy we dig up education infrastructure and low-cost housing. we dig them up and parade them in front of people because well poor people need houses and pickney need fi learn and aside from all the fabulous high ways with the repatriated toll money we still have pot hole so clearly these things will sway people in the government’s favour. we have entered into several loan agreements and made other decisions in the past for the betterment of these areas and we still have a literacy rate that is bordering on devastating, however many thousands of squatters that are being cast out daily….weh di low cost housing weh people a promise from when? and mechanic a grow fat offa replacing destroyed shocks.
i, for one am not comfortable pegging anything to any US anything. The problem is Jamaica has not been encouraged too stand alone or better yet stand with the REST OF THE CARIBBEAN, since the 70′s. we’re always encouraged to tag ourselves to the US coattails and I am done with it.“Most of all, it would restore the economic growth which has been stagnant for two decades because the increased prices which follow devaluations would cease, ensuring that none of the substance of growth would be extracted from the GDP (gross domestic product) to pay the higher prices of devaluations,” Seaga asserted.

Situated on the coastline of the world’s richest economy, the former prime minister told parliamentarians that Jamaica had no reason to be poor.
He argued that Jamaica’s strategic location creates a centre of preference for the island to exploit in developing or finishing products from the Far East (China, India) South America (Brazil) and even Europe <—ohhh yes because the freezone has been such an uncomplicated whopping success lets just go ahead and make Jamaica one giant freezone?
yes, lets not encourage production and export. Lets have Jamaica’s ability to generate revenue in absentia of the US market grind down to 0….its almost there. and lets make ourselves a nation skilled at sewing buttons onto Chinese made shirts for resale to US customers at prices we will never be able to afford.
Lets make it so we will never be able to disagree with anything the US says and does because we are dependent on them
Lets turn Jamaica into one big nodding yes man to the United States.

Listen to me, big ups to all di free zone worker dem, work yu money. but too much a anyting nuh good. And yu cyaan tell me that the people who work at the freezone are happy working there (Please see Life and Debt) and you can’t tell me that many of them don’t wish they had another option
In fact most of the people that work at the freezone actually have a side hustle because they can’t live off what they make
So, what? we want more of that?

Seaga, i love you. You have done much for this country. But your continued emphasis on this “jamaica is in America’s backyard thing” is frustrating
Jamaica can stand…not alone….not even America the great can stand alone…but it can stand
we have the cultural capital to do it. What we need is a plan that allows us to exploit our strategic position in the international market place, brand Jamaica, and also the things that are unique to our climate (food and etc) and also…to put the inventiveness of our people to work in developing products for the global market place
what we do not need to do is frigging tie ourselves closer to some other country in a way that makes us dependent on them
50 years later and we’re still equating courage with sucking salt through wooden spoon.
No eddie. No