Emancipate Yourself At Ashanti Oasis On Sunday, August 3rd, 2008, Jamaica

This Emancipation weekend, Jamaicans will be celebrating and enjoying all kinds of festivities, the holiday weekend has to offer. On Sunday August 3, 2008, Ashanti Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant located at Hope Gardens, Jamaica’s own botanical gardens, will be hosting its Emancipation brunch dubbed ‘Augus Mawin’, beginning at 11:30am and slated to end at 5:30pm.

The ambience will be enhanced with the restaurant being tastefully decorated and transformed into an escapade. Fine, delectable vegetarian food and beverages reflecting our true Jamaican heritage will be prepared with the menu boasting items like, ‘blue draawes’, chocolate tea, ackee & tofu and so many other traditional items.

There are plans to have great amenities that are promised to give each patron a complete experience, not merely food. One lucky winner will get the chance to win a free spa massage, offered by distinguished spa therapist, Ms. Sasha White. Accompanying the day’s proceedings will be background music, and other surprise exhibitors and holistic consultations.

“We normally have brunches here at Ashanti, but we chose to celebrate our heritage through food and planned this brunch to tie in with the Emancipation festivities,” commented a very elated Yvonne Hope, managing director of the very popular vegetarian spot. “What is a brunch without tea, right? We are so pleased to have Celestial Seasonings on board with us offering a wide selection of teas for our patrons.”

Tickets are on sale at Ashanti Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant and only cost $1300 per person, or you can call to make a reservation as 970-2079 or email [email protected].