EME Awards

picture-7.pngBy: Brittany Somerset, Intrepid Reporter, Manhattan, Kingston, Jamaica. The 4th Annual Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards, hosted by radio personality, Richie B, of Hot 102, took place in the gardens of the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. The previous 3 years of this annual awards ceremony took place on-air, at Hot 102’s studio. With really cool, intimate performances by I-Octane, Courtney ‘Yogi’ John, Dean Fraser, RDX, Brick and Lace, Queen Ifrika, Anthony B, Etana, Busy Signal, Tarrus Riley, and Beenie Man and Barbee, this was a really fun event to attend. A-list guests included Tony Rebel and the Rebel daughters, Jahyudah and Kenya. Unlike a festival vibe, guests were dressed to impress at this posh, private party. D’Angel looked really glamorous in a sleek black gown, slicked back hair with long ponytail, and glittery drop earrings, although she looked pained at having to be subjected to the ridiculous antics of Beenie Man and Barbee, who were carrying on like teenagers. Oh wait, isn’t Barbee still a teenager? My bad.Barbee, looked like an ’80’s prom dress threw up on her, in her fish-tail, black, see-through, lace & gold lamé dress. Her blond weave was a virtual helmet of thoroughly tacky hair, arranged with a strange, fist-sized bun on the top of her head. Barbee should have taken the award for worst dressed; however, she did take the award for “Best New Dancehall Artist”. She completely missed her cue for that by being in the ladies room, supposedly, when called to the stage to receive her award.Even though she was due to perform later on in the show, and could have delivered her thank-you speech then, Beenie insisted she be allowed back up on-stage, out of turn, in the middle of the program, to accept her award. While it is disgusting enough for Beenie, who is sporting more than a few grey hairs, to be disrespectfully cavorting with a teenager, in the presence of his wife, whether they are separated or not, it is more disturbing that the public seems to wonder if they are lovers or not (duh!). Watching the spectacle of the two of them together is like watching a train wreck. Even in Jamaica, where men are allowed to get away with much more then in America, one has to wonder where the line of good taste and decency should be drawn. As a public figure, you have a responsibility to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Well, they say, “No press is bad press,” and Beenie has certainly proven himself to be a (media) whore. While the duet between the two Bs was supposed to close the event, guests were already leaving in droves as soon as they took the stage together. It seemed the only people left to appreciate their performance were the wait staff.