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Engendering Rural Development 2020: Fostering Sustainable Rural Development In Haiti, June 11, 2010, Florida

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ENGENDERING RURAL DEVELOPMENT 2020:  Fostering Sustainable Rural Development in Haiti

A Particpatory Forum on Rural Development  in Haiti

FRIDAY JUNE 11, 2010

Center for International Agricultural Trade FAMU

Tallahassee, FL

A collaborative effort

Caribbean American Heritage Council of Tallahasse


Why  Engendering Rural Development 2020?

The goal of the Engendering Rural Development 2020 Forum is to bring together a coalition of university, NGO, public and private sector leaders and experts to work collaboratively to promote the prosperity and rebuilding of Haiti, through a focus on integrated rural development and the empowerment of women.  The Forum would hope to accomplish the following objectives:  

• To identify a target rural community or region(s) for intervention.

• To identify needs and challenges for an integrated development agenda based on investments in agriculture and natural resources and implications for infrastructure;   health and nutrition; and education).

• To frame a vision for the Coalition’s contribution to the development agenda for the selected target community focused on short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.

The anticipated outcome of the participatory forum will be a commitment by interested organizations to partner under a shared vision to execute an initial 18 month action plan.

Outline of Participatory Dialogue:

Four primary focus areas for the integrated development agenda are:

I.    Agriculture and Natural Resources

II.    Infrastructure

III.    Health & Nutrition  

IV.    Education

I. Agriculture and Natural resources

Identify the potential investment opportunities and goals for 2020, and possible interventions in small and medium-scale agriculture to promote food security around temporary settlements and traditional production regions; and export-able products. Discuss challenges to successful achievement of proposed activities around both small, medium and large scale production for both domestic and foreign distribution.   Particular attention shall be paid to current import/export status of goods and products that have potential for employment and income generation.

II. Infrastructure

Highlight areas to be addressed to result in a world class integrated infrastructure development agenda in 2020, for the region/community selected such as:  water and sanitation, power generation, roads and transportation, and housing.   Discussion of the development of affordable solutions and enforcement of  building standards etc. shall inform the conversation, as well as challenges to the implementation of community infrastructure projects in light of other post earthquake initiatives and potential intersect points for other/our intervention.  

III. Health and Nutrition

Identify key areas that can serve as a launch pad for the establishment of a reliable medical system by 2020.   Describe challenges faced by citizens in need of medical care and health care providers including hospitals and clinics. Outline specific immediate and long-term needs for improving medical care and delivery.  This might include consideration of current challenges such as: HIV/AIDS; birth control; female and child morbidity and sustainability of the family unit.

IV. Education

Propose a vision for holistic education for the region at all levels in 2020.  This should take into consideration Haitian Educational system pre-earthquake but should be predicated on solutions that could be driven by the Diaspora and other non-statal entities.  The issue of both short and long-term training should be addressed as it relates to continuing education needed to support a prosperous community.  This may include e.g. training through higher education programs in the U.S.

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