Enough of the Abuse!



As I write this, Hillary Clinton is facing that discredited House Select Committee on Benghazi, and those awful Republicans are getting an opportunity to display their customary hostility and bad manners. I suppose it’s something she has to go through. I imagine Congress could charge her with contempt if she doesn’t. But the five Democrats on the committee don’t have to.

If I were one of those Democrats, I would walk out of the silly kangaroo court the first time anyone insults Hillary. And I think that all of the Democrats should walk out, too. They should not tolerate for one minute the kind of rudeness displayed in the interrogation of Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards.

In that display of bad taste and unmitigated venom, Ms. Richards was subjected to the most insulting insinuations about her personal life, slary and travel expenses. The Democrats on the Benghazi committee must not allow the same kind of thing to happen to Hillary.

Indeed, I think the Democrats should have boycotted the committee when its true purpose was first revealed. I’m sure you know Republicans are now admitting the “investigation” was cooked up to discredit Hillary and bring down her poll numbers.

Last night on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow suggested the Democrats might resign from the committee as soon as Hillary’s inquisition ends. But why wait that long?

I know that Representative Elijah Cummings is champing at the bit. He has been threatening to ditch the bogus committee for a while. And he has been sparring with committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (above, right) . For example, when Gowdy tried to make out that Hillary had risked exposing the identity of a Libyan official who was helping American intelligence, Cummings pointed out that the CIA had cleared the information for release and Gowdy was faking evidence to the contrary.

It all seems so unnecessary, so tawdry, so puerile.

The Benghazi tragedy already has been thoroughly examined by five standing committees in the House and two in the Senate. Nothing has been found to indict Hillary.

And nothing will be found by this endless inquisition, to which Hillary is being subjected today.

But I am sure that won’t deter the Republican inquisitors. They are in it for the publicity, pure and simple. And the naïve media are obliging them.

Surely, by now, the voters have caught on to the con game that American politics has become? Surely, they aren’t going to be influenced by another contrived side show?

We can only hope.

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