En Sound Entertainment Proudly Presents K-Anthony

Born Kevin Anthony Fowler in the picturesque, breezy and vibrant city of Montego Bay, Jamaica, K-Anthony has a personality that embodies many of the beauties of the island; his infectious smile quickly enraptures you and put you at ease. He grew up in a closely knitted family with dad, mom and younger brother. His early experimentation at re-arranging old hymns and singing them in church unknowingly provided the catalyst for his future growth. But his high school years provoked a spiritual struggle, as he tried to make the decision between music and athletics, a sport in which he had gained early successes. The champion sprinter was destined for track stardom but was stopped in his tracks by what he has now come to acknowledge as divine intervention. When his mother opted to send him to a conservative high school that did not participate in competitions, he patiently waited for time he would be able to pursue track. But K-Anthony now knows that God either takes something from us to provide something better or gives us the

strength to deal with the loss. In many ways music brought renewed purpose to his adolescent life, as he began to sing at various churches and outreach activities. This was topped with a spectacular performance at his high school graduation with a heart-felt rendition dedicated to his graduating class. With affirmation from his mom and close friends K-Anthony confirmed his musical direction.

A Music major in college, K-Anthony was classically trained; receiving certificates voice from Trinity College, London and from the Royal School of music. While in college he traveled with his university’s (NCU) Chamber Choir to the U.S. in 2004 and a follow-up tour in 2005. Also in 2006 he participated in a church tour in the U.S, which was very well received. In 2007 he completed a B.A. degree in Music with a vocal concentration and an Associate Degree in Mass Communication.

Drawn to the rich, inspiring sound of traditional gospel and the fresh, vivacious sound of urban gospel, K-Anthony, with close friends Andre Milford and Darry Davis, set out on what would be one of the boldest and most ambitious moves of his college life; penning and recording songs that spoke directly to the multitudinous challenges which he knows young people grapple with constantly.

Stylistically, K-Anthony is comfortable with wailing his soulful tenor, infused with passion, over infectious blends of rhythm and is not afraid to explode in praise whenever he shares God’s faithfulness with an audience. In 2007 K-Anthony married his college sweetheart, the beautiful Kamelia Burrell, whom he says “… inspires me with her humility and God given patience and understanding.” This one time sprinter turned singer for God articulates, “If anything I ever say, or sing, or do, simply gives somebody hope and encouragement that they can make it, and that God is faithful and able, then I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished my mission.” Meet recording artist/songwriter one voice, one passion, and one hope.