Ensure Employment Agencies are Legitimate – Kellier

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Derrick Kellier, is advising Jamaicans seeking jobs overseas through private employment agencies to first contact the Ministry to verify their legitimacy.

“Members of the public are being strongly reminded to verify the authenticity or legitimacy of employment agencies, prior to making any commitments or sending payments through any remittance services,” Minister Kellier said on Wednesday (January 2), as he addressed the first cohort of workers to depart for Canada under the Overseas Employment Programme.

 He noted that all employment agencies are governed by the Ministry and are issued with licences that should be publicly displayed at all times.

The Minister informed that in the past, there have been complaints about employment agencies and “we don’t want (in) 2013 for any of those to be repeated”.

“We want to run a very clean and strict programme. When persons pass on their funds to employment agencies, we want to make sure that no one is fleeced and when you turn up there is no employer, or no one to meet you at the airport,” Mr. Kellier stated.

In the meantime, the Minister urged persons, who want to participate in the Overseas Employment Programme to check with the media regularly for information on recruitment.  He indicated that the skills programmes are “doing quite well” and invited interested persons to submit detailed resumes to the Ministry.

“I am saying to you, have faith in the programme. It has lasted over 40-odd years… and continue to have faith in your country and the leadership of the Government because we are working on your behalf,” Mr. Kellier said.