Etana’s Free Expressions Available Today!

Free Expressions, the second album from reggae songbird Etana, will be available worldwide as of today. The 15-track album, released on the VP Records label, is loaded with rhythmic, beautiful and pure reggae music.

With three singles having been released from the album so far – Free, Happy Heart & August Town – Etana is hopeful that this album will do as well and even better than her debut effort in 2008, The Strong One. The Strong One has been described as “perfect”, with almost all the tracks on that project being released as individual and eventually chart-topping singles.

Now with Free Expressions available in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean, the United States, the United Kingdom, other countries in Europe and in the reggae/dancehall loving Asian nation of Japan, the signs seem good for the singer, who these days go by the name Shauna Morris.

“I really got involved in the making of Free Expressions. It wasn’t just about the singing this time, I wrote a lot of the songs, and even in terms of learning and being involved with the production and mastering of each I was there for most if not all of it,” said Etana.

She continued that “this album is filled with loads of truth as always. I don’t see the point in writing things that aren’t true to me or things that other people can’t relate to.”

Socially conscious undertones can be found in tracks such as Mocking Bird, Retribution and of course the popular August Town. In the songs Day by Day, Moving On, People Talk, Free and Dance Etana croons messages of upliftment and positivity. And what’s a reggae album without a little love? Etana sings about the subject in the tracks Happy Heart, I Know You Love Me and My Name Is.

“All my experiences since The Strong One have made me so much more aware about the business and entertainment on a whole and they have allowed me to grow in so many enriching ways. I’m just happy for it all, and it will reflect in my music and in this album,” said Etana.

“Some really great music is on this album thanks to the great team of people behind the project. From my record label VP Records to the producers and musicians that made the beats and music beds, and I’m sure fans and music lovers will enjoy the 1 hour musical journey we’ve paved out for them.”