Ever consider the Possibility of a Summer Internship?

The ease of the summer season is upon us.


For students, however, it can be the time of high anxiety as it is a time to make money, visit relatives, and spend serious chill time with friends. With the continuing economic tough times and jobs are scarce.  If you have not yet landed a summer job, don’t be disheartened.



Ever thought of doing an unpaid summer internship?

This spring my daughter was one of 6000 students who applied for such an internship program at the White House. Summer internship provides a basketful of benefits:

  • One of the biggest rewards from a summer internship is the ability to discover your professional strengths by understanding your personal style and unique skills.
  •  A summer internship provides you with a learning opportunity much different from college tests and quiz. It allows for a hands-on learning experience.
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  • You can find a professional mentor through an internship.
  • One of key benefits casually over-looked is the networking possibility.  Just think about it. There are two candidates competing for a job.  They both look truly capable on paper,But one brings a recommendation from a colleague.  It is a no brainer who will get the job.
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  • By embracing internship opportunities, you can learn how to adapt and contribute on a professional level.
  • You can use these experiences to strategically decide which types of jobs we would best excel in.
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  • Given that you are going to spend a majority of your life working, it would help to learn what job context is most pleasant.
  • Which industry intrigues you?


There is an  internship opening at Jamaica’s premier magazine, JamaicanEats (website) to realize such benefits. We invite applications from undergraduate freshmen, sophomores, or juniors who are contemplating a career in PR/ marketing. The best thing is that you can work from your home local.


Applicants should have a fundamental grasp of social Media tools such as Facebook, and Twitter, and a willingness to learn and apply some pioneering capabilities.

The criteria for selection includes the applicant demonstrated commitment to a serious summer learning experience.

This is a 5 hours/week, for 8 week program.

Interested, or know of someone who fits the criteria, send a email to [email protected]

Application period is through June 26, 2009



I guarantee your investment will reap rich dividends , and satisfaction of completing a great assignment. You will learn the  depth of compensation more rewarding than mere money.


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