The Evil that Men Do Lives on

As Marc Anthony observed about Julius Caesar  in Shakespeare’s play:

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.

By such reckless acts as canceling Obama’s orders regulating the use of coal by power plants and banning pollution of streams by coal mining waste, he claims to be creating jobs for miners.
And it won’t matter what Donald Trump does now, he will be remembered for his war on the environment. Trump will forever be the anti-environment president, the dolt who mindlessly undid the measures that President Obama carefully initiated to stave off catastrophic climate change.
As usual, Trump is putting on a show to impress the uninformed.

But those jobs won’t be coming back. Cheap natural gas and the development of clean-energy technology have made coal too expensive, anyway.

So it won’t matter that Trump has turned coal burners loose to pollute the air we breathe. It won’t matter that he has opened federal lands to coal mining leases. It won’t matter that he will allow coal mines to dump waste in our drinking water.

At least, it won’t matter as far as jobs are concerned.

But it will matter to the people who must breathe the air on this planet.

When America burns coal, the air is polluted not only in this country but globally. Remember the acid rain that plagued Canada a half century or so ago?

Obama wisely led a global effort to curb the atmospheric pollution that contributes to global warming, triggering hazardous climate change and flooding coastal communities.

Trump has set out to undo Obama’s work. The consequences of this evil agenda will ravage the earth long after Trump is gone.

Trump’s war on the environment