“Eyes Wide Open” By Atiba

If you ever found yourself, in a deep thought sprawled in the back of your most fondest imagination in regards to the ongoing battle of hip-hop music, R&B, Reggae and other genres of music, and why one specific sound and art form of music is more popular or  appealing to the masses than the other; then ponder no more this distinction is found in Reggae newcomer ATIBA.

The phenomenon of reggae singers belling out such blunt, “in your face lyrics” over a sultry beat has been intimidating to the hip hop world for years, and with innovative, ground breaking artist such as ATIBA branding the new face of music, dancehall reggae is destined to be stronger than ever.

Slip n Slide Records recording artist ATIBA is truly the new sound of “Dancehall” with a fusion of hip-hop reggae mix, breathing fresh air back into the reggae music scene. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and relocated with family to Jamaica at the age of 5, the young singer states that his father was extremely musically inclined and has vivid memories of music as an art form always being present in his childhood. ATIBA came back to the states at the age of 15, with a passion for music and firm background on what it takes to create that “star power essence, ATIBA and his family forged ahead made Orlando their home in search of a more constant and promising future in the music industry.

“My Father tried his hands in all sorts of occupations to support the family. One of his greatest was creating a sound system called, “Love Vibration Disco,” headed by DJ Rudolf; it quickly became one of the top sound systems in Jamaica. He cut the first songs that Beenie Man had ever recorded and introduced him to the industry. Music was always around. Some of the greatest artists to come out of Jamaica were at my house on a constant basis.”

ATIBA was involved in reggae dancehall music from a very young age, “I sang in a four part harmony group called “Fate” and then started a group with my sister Malica and friend Francisco, it was called, “Three The Hard Way” a year after that I was signed to super producer Rodney Jerkins record label Darkchild Records.

ATIBA quickly became a hot commodity among others in the industry and is noted for his works with R&B sensation Ray J on hit single entitled “If I Had One Wish”. The inventive singer has also been featured in nationwide publications including Ozone Magazine, and has performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, alongside Patti Labelle, Mary Mary, George Clinton, Be Be Winans and more.

ATIBA is hardly an unknown musical figure and is taking on new musical projects and marking new territory with plans to continue to leave his everlasting score in the footprints of great reggae musicians before him. Drawing inspiration from legendary singers such as, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Sam Cooke and more, ATIBA is destined for quick success in the industry.

When asked about future plans ATIBA, meekly smiles and states that he plans to “make classic music, and push the culture forward.”

ATIBA’s upcoming album is definitely guaranteed to be classic, savored and cherished by all music fans.