Fascism Next Door


The hate filled attack on “the media” by my Tampa Bay neighbors yesterday leaves me stunned and dismayed.

I cringed as I watched a video of the pro-Trump crowd heckling CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Faces I might encounter in Publix, as we exchange polite smiles and “excuse me’s,” are contorted in rage.

Folks who might stop to help me unload my grocery cart are waving middle-finger salutes at the camera.

Otherwise civilized citizens are wearing shirts with obscenities emblazoned across them and shouting words that would make them wash their kids’ mouths out with soap.

Are these the same people who go to church on Sunday mornings, people who kneel before God and promise to love their neighbor?

What’s happening to them? It’s as if they were possessed by demons.

This is the kind of diabolical power demagogues like Trump can wield.

It’s the same  evil force that fueled the rise of demagogues like Hitler and Mussolini.

It’s the power of the Big Lie, the demonizing of minorities, the discrediting of the media, the distortion of reality…

And it’s how the flame of fascism is ignited.

I sit in my den here on Post Lane, 30 miles or so away from the raw display of hate in that video. And I wonder what’s happening to America? What’s next?

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