Fastest Man Alive Quick To Help The Less Fortunate

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is donating three signed pairs of his signature gold shoes to charity.

The famous footwear will be auctioned to benefit the New York-based Jamaican charity Children of Jamaica Outreach (COJO) Inc.

The sneakers, donated by Puma, are part of a limited edition produced to commemorate Bolt’s world record run of 9.72 seconds set at the Reebok Grand Prix at the Icahn Stadium early last year, prior to his history-making performance in August at the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

The shoes might not help their lucky new owners run as fast as Bolt, but they will certainly help the buyers share in a bit of his athletic glory.
Bolt’s triple win at the Olympics inspired people, especially youngsters, around the world.

His latest donation will do something tangible: the money raised from the sale will be used to help fund programs that aid children in Jamaica.

COJO, over the last decade, has supported a wide range of institutions in the U.S. and Jamaica that are dedicated to helping those in need. Those institutions include Alpha Boys’ Home, Glenhope Place of Safety, Marigold Child Care Centre, the Musgrave Girls’ Home, St. Augustine Place of Safety, City of Refuge and Windward Road Primary & Junior High in Jamaica; and in New York, the Jamaica Queens YMCA and Leaf of Life.

Every year,  COJO hosts a gala in New York City to raise funds for scholarships for students.

To see Bolt run is something special. To see children who have been helped to realize their dreams is something else.

Sports is a pastime, a diversion from the serious business of life. Only a very very few athletes transcend their sports to become something more. Muhammad Ali. Jackie Robinson. Athea Gibson.

Bolt is clearly aiming to join that pantheon.

Nobody can run as fast as Bolt. But with his charitable work, children everywhere would do well to follow in his footsteps.