Facilitators for a Better Jamaica Congratulate the Electoral Commission of Jamaica – Election Results 2007

Facilitators for a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Electoral Commission of Jamaica for organising a fair election with the support of the security forces and Jamaica Defence force.

Even though the final count is not yet in, indications are clear and pointing towards a JLP victory with Bruce Golding and the Jamaica Labour Party “coming in from the cold”. Despite the imminent possibility of recounts, with the tentative vote being 31 JLP & 29 PNP seats, our country is perched for a possible JLP government under the leadership of Bruce Golding.

FFBJ take this opportunity to congratulate all the successful candidates and to congratulate the eventual winner whether it is the incumbent Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller or Bruce Golding. We exercise caution in being definite until the Prime Minister concedes defeat.

FFBJ noted the two speeches by both leaders after the declaration by the Electoral Commission and would advise both leaders at this time and in the next 48 hrs to have complete restraint on what is said and how it is said. The mood in Jamaica is tense and political maturity should be exercised.

The Prime Minister and PNP President in her speech said that she will not leave Jamaica’s future “up to criminals” and pointed to what she calls several irregularities that put the results of today’s polls in limbo.

She said that if needs be this issue and several others will be taken to the courts. Her comment made in relation to electoral candidates who it is claimed have dual citizenship or have sworn allegiance to a foreign country.

She also announced that she will address the nation on the matter on Wednesday.

On the other hand Bruce Golding in his speech at JLP Headquarters highlighted his vision for Jamaica and for respect to the wishes of the Jamaican people.

He stated that it is time for reflection not celebration, time for constructive engagement with political fraternity.

He said his government once confirmed will seek inclusiveness between the Government and the Opposition. He further stated that the country will not go forward without a working together mechanism, a new paradigm of constructive engagement. Is this an indication that he will be bringing in individuals from the PNP to form his team as is British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in poaching members of the Conservative Party to join his team in an advisory capacity?

Prime Minister designate Bruce Golding was hoping to speak to the Prime Minister before he gave his speech but he was not able to, but he hope to do so soon.

Bruce Golding in his final word gave thanks to God for allowing him the opportunity to “hopefully” lead this country. He also charges JLP supporters to be respectful to the PNP supporters and not to gloat. If you have drinks offer the comrade a drink too.

Jamaica is One People, One Jamaica, and One Country.

FFBJ wishes the new Government of Jamaica lots of success and will continue to bring to the table the key issue of absentee ballot for Jamaicans overseas amongst other key issues.