New Film Has Enough Love, Lust And Celebrities To Go Around!

By taking the recycled story of love-gone-wrong, putting it against the backdrop of South Florida’s spicy Caribbean social scene and adding a vibrant mix of Caribbean- and African-American celebrities, screen writer and director Steve “Tehut-Nine” McAlpin has put a feisty twist on the age-old topics of romance and revenge. Due to hit theaters in August, What Goes Around is an action-packed, humorously poignant examination of male/female relationships.

Breaking from his tradition of scripting and directing gritty urban tales, What Goes Around marks Tehut-Nine’s shift toward producing cutting-edge films that bring the intricacies of the Caribbean culture to world-wide audiences. While his previous films Foreign, and last year’s underground hit Bashment: The Fork in the Road exposed the more rough and rugged side of the Caribbean-American experience, Tehut-Nine, commonly known as “the Jamaican Spike Lee,” brings out the more colorful side of the culture in What Goes Around.

“I wanted to make the type of film that really shows the depth and range of Jamaican- and Caribbean-Americans, and how they fit into American society,” states Tehut-Nine. “Love and relationships is something that everyone, no matter who you are and where you come from, can relate to–we just added a little Caribbean twist that definitely give the film that little extra zing.”

What Goes Around is a twisted tale of love, lust and vengeance based on the old adage “you’ll reap what you sow” and featuring popular New York DJ Nohard “Noah” Grant, Dancehall artist Flippa Mafia, and actresses Sakina Samuda and Kimberly Goss. Layered with lots of humor and drama, the film takes you on the emotional roller coaster of two generations of men battling with their inner demons, flesh-driven desires, and—of course—their women. Added to the mix are the a number of celebrity appearances including internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar Mavado, late Dancehall deejay (MC) Alton “Rraw Dawg” Ashman, famed Jamaican dancer Kemar “Ding Dong” Ottey, accomplished entertainer and actor KC Jockey, South Florida DJ Super Twitch, and veteran Reggae singer Jackie Brown.