Caribbean Film Festival, June 21, 2008, Florida

List of Events

6/6/08: Essay Competition Awards Ceremony. City Hall
6/7 – 6/20/08 Caribbean Art Exhibit. Orlando City Hall-Rotunda
6/14/08: Town Hall Meeting. Valencia CC. Kirkman Rd, HSB Bldg
             Contact Wayne Golding: (407) 574-8691
6/21/08: Caribbean Film Festival Valencia CC Kirkman Rd, HSB Bldg
             Contact KP: (407) 399-2180
6/21-22/08: Laparkan 20/20 Cricket Tournament.
                 Eagle Nest Park(Kirkman Rd)
                 Call Paul (321)229-7577 or Wesley (407)-579-1153
6/28/08: Indian Cultural Grammy Children Auditions &
8/9/08: Indian Cultural Grammy of America
          Contact Swaresh Persaud: (407) 291-6900


This Film Festival was made possible with the help of Valencia Community College and the following community & student groups: Alliance of Guyanese Expatriates (AGE), African-American Cultural Society (A2CS) and, Guyanese-American Cultural Association of Central Florida (GACACF) Thank you to the following, for their considerable efforts and advice in facilitating this event:

D. Alissa Trotz (Canada)
Alison Saunders (Barbados)
Annalee Davis (Barbados)
Alex de Verteuil (Trinidad & Tobago)
Bob & Elizabeth Topp
Emily Anderson
Gina Trotz (South Florida)
Kamini Corriette (England)
The members of AGE, A2CS & GACACF

Free Admission

Orlando’s 1st Caribbean Film Festival 2008
When: Saturday, June 21, 2008, 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Valencia Community College West Campus (HSB)

12.00 Noon Welcome & Introduction of JAB by Director Alex Verteuil
12.05 pm Screening of JAB
12.55 Group Discussion
1.15 Introduction of On the Map
1.18 Screening of ON the MAP
1.50pm Group Discussion
2.10 Introduction of Hit for Six
2.13 Screening of Hit for Six
3.50pm BREAK
4.00 Intro of JAB
4.05 Screening of JAB
4.55 Group Discussion
5.15 Intro of On the Map
5.18 Screening On the MAP
5.50pm BREAK
6.00 Intro of Hit for Six
6.03 Screening of Hit of SIX
7.45 Group Discussion
7.55 Acknowledgements & END

Screening @ 2.13pm & 6.03pm

Hit For Six!, a full-length (90 mins) feature film, is the story of a playboy West Indies cricketer who fights demons of his past, including a match fixing charge, and learns about love while struggling for his last chance to play in a major global tournament and earn the respect of his estranged father, a former great West Indies player.

This emotional drama, punctuated with excitement, intrigue and love, tells the inspirational story of Alex Nelson, a talented but inconsistent cricketer, who has been sidelined from the WI team for scuffling with his coach, Amir Misra of India. Now out of the team for three years, he pursues an unlikely quest to get back on the team for a last chance to play in the Global One Day Series.He is fueled by a burning desire to regain the respect of his estranged and critical father, a former great West Indies player, who was unfairly denied a chance to play in the first Global One Day Series.

As he battles demons of past vices he encounters valuable lessons in love and forgiveness

Screening @ 1;18pm & 5.18pm

ON THE MAP airs intimate discussions with undocumented migrants who tell their stories of life between the cracks. This thirtytwo minute Video-DVD examines current intra-regional migration with a focus on Barbados, Trinidad & Guyana.

On the Map explores the views of residents of host countries, exposes institutional abuse and demonstrates gaps between the official stand and the actual experience of unskilled Caribbean migrants. The video unmasks prejudices and subjugation. It fosters awareness among Caribbean residents and exposes social policy issues which have not been considered despite the lengthy preparation for the CARICOM Single Market & Economy (CSME) . The film asks whether there is space for the dreams and rights of poor and unskilled people in our ‘One Caribbean’.

Title: JAB! The Blue Devils of Paramin
Director: Alex De Verteuil
Duration/Date: 47min / 2006
Genre: Documentary
Country: Trinidad & Tobago
Produced by:
Pearl & Dean (Caribbean) Ltd., 119 Roberts St., Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.
Director/Producer: Alex de Verteuil, 868 622 3871, [email protected]
Co-Producer: Elizabeth Topp (Toronto), 416 929 9885, [email protected]

Isolated in the mountains of Trinidad, southern-most island of the Caribbean, the district of Paramin once a year at Carnival time sheds its rural languor and erupts into an inferno of blue-painted ‘jabs’ or devils.

This 46-minute documentary, filmed in the two weeks leading up to Carnival, follows Kootoo, King Devil, as he prepares with his three brothers to once again win the village competition for the most convincing devil band. Known for his athletic prowess, and given to extraordinary feats like ripping up trees and scaling tall buildings, the charismatic Kootoo must still work hard with his band of devils to win the prize in the face of serious competition from a
new generation of ‘jabs’. Will the brothers’ scheme to add a new twist to the masquerade be enough for them to win?

Told by the villagers themselves, in their own dialect, this entertaining story highlights the joyous heart of Paramin. With its CD-worthy background music of folk-songs and calypsos, JAB sheds light on a Caribbean culture that few visitors ever get to see Director of Hit For Six!

Alison Saunders-Franklyn
Blue Water Productions (246) 435-6113 or (246) 437-5588 Suite #4,
Wildey Shopping Plaza, Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados W.I