First Female Mixtape Presented by Major Lazer | Naomi Cowan’s StarGirl

Jamaican singer Naomi Cowan has released StarGirl, her first full length debut project on July 1st. Presented by popular DJ trio Major Lazer, with A&R direction by Walshy Fire, the mixtape offers a variation of tracks that showcase Naomi’s growth as an artist, since first releasing music in 2016. The mixtape is Major Lazer’s first by a female artist and only their 6th ever.

First Female Mixtape Presented by Major Lazer Naomi Cowans StarGirl
Photo credit: Annaixe

StarGirl includes two previously released singles, “Energy” which New York Times called an “ingenious, multi-leveled mesh of syncopations and silences” and “Lucky Me” featuring Runkus and The Wixard, which premiered on FADER in May. The tracks, different in musical nature, show the versatility of the project overall which features R&B, reggae, dancehall, soca, hip-hop, afro-beats and more. With production by heavy hitters like Izy Beats, The Wixard, Jamie Rodigan, Tessellated, JusBus, Natural High, Sean Alric, Dutty Rock and Circa Eleven, current fans and new listeners alike will find that the mixtape redefines the limitations of quintessential reggae music.Watch “Energy” here:
Watch “Lucky Me” here:

In 2020, Walshy Fire and Naomi had a meeting of the minds, where they agreed to release a series of music in a profound way leading to the idea of an alternate galaxy where her music would live. StarGirl begins the galactic journey with 13 sonically and lyrically innovative tracks with features from Kes, Jesse Royal, Tessellated and more. An EP will follow in late Summer. 

“When we met, Naomi had great energy, a serious work ethic, was super fun to be around and had a great voice,” said Walshy. “So, I think at some point across these meetings, we just started making enough music that it was like, maybe we should put together a project,” he continued.

Perfectly balancing her energetic persona with lyrics that uplift, motivate and simply make you want to sing and dance along, Naomi’s music fills a void in Caribbean-ish r&b music that icons such as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have made so popular.

StarGirl Tracklist



Lucky Me




Real Lovers

Tek Time



Cool like the Friendzone

Handle di Verb

My Company