Chris “Johnny” Daley Appears In, Directs Artist’s First Play, June 15, 2008, Florida

Miami Gardens, Florida – Chris DaleyRehearsals are underway for the staging of An Amazing Grace, a hilarious, dramatic and exciting play written by popular South Florida-based graphic artist Roy “Artbwoy” Martin. Scheduled to premier on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 15, 2008 at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, An Amazing Grace is a collaborative effort between Jamaica Awareness and Riddims Marketing at producing and presenting a play here in South Florida.

The play is Martin’s first effort at playwriting and will feature several Florida-based actors as well as popular Jamaican actor/comedian Chris “Johnny” Daley, doing double duty as director and one of the lead characters. Daley came to prominence in the 80s and 90s television series “Lime Tree Lane” as Little Johnny. His memorable performances in ‘Yard ’99”, “Dis Ting”, “Oliver and the Gene”, “Cindy Relisha and the DJ Prince”, the smash hit, “Jamaica 2 Rahtid”, and more recently “Comedy Buss” television series has made him one of Jamaica’s most outstanding young talents.

An Amazing Grace is the volatile story of Johnny, played by Chris Daley, an aspiring young reggae singer with dreams of “hitting” big time. Johnny’s dreams always seem to elude him as he struggles to let go of his past criminal lifestyle with bad man “Dredie”, played by Andrew Clarke and “Puddy”, played by Sammy Question, who thinks Johnny would serve them better if he sticks with their robbery schemes. Puddy is convinced that Johnny has a ‘nose’ for sniffing out drugs or money. Queenie, played by Ann “Charm” McKenzie, Johnny’s old or current girlfriend, depending on who you ask, hates the fact that he still hangs out with this motley crew. They act as a distraction to Johnny’s dancehall dreams and her own wishes of accompanying him on stage as Dancehall Queen and his first lady off stage.

Queenie’s fantasies seem threatened when Johnny’s eyes catches the smile of church sister Grace, played by Chanise Brady, who thinks his talent needs to be used as an instrument of the Lord. Sister Grace, a young choir leader for the dramatic and flamboyant Pastor Brown, played by Gary “Sweetness” Clarke – the head of the local Church of God Prophecy – sees Johnny as the perfect addition to the church choir. Johnny is warming up to the idea of changing his lifestyle but is pressured as Puddy & Dredie demands that he goes through with a planned heist – a take of all takes – that will have them set for life. Queenie has no plans for any of the above and sets her own trap.

God’s plan, the devil’s diversion and Queenie’s dreams unfold in this dramatic and exciting play filled with humor and social commentary. Cameo audio appearances are made by colorful South Florida party promoter “Screechie Bop” and radio personality Winston Barnes.

Tickets will go on sale shortly for the Father’s Day premier and it is anticipated support for the play will come from several circles as the play has a cross appeal from the church to the dancehall. After several South Florida performances the production will embark on a tour of several U.S. cities as well as Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.