Foreign Ministry & JAMPRO Sign Economic Diplomacy MoU

As the Jamaican Government seeks to increase its trade and investment promotion efforts internationally, JAMPRO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAFT) have officially signed an MOU to formalise their collaboration in this area, through the Economic Diplomacy Programme (EDP).

The Programme is designed to enhance Jamaica’s international visibility as a destination for business.  It includes marketing and engagement activities undertaken by JAMPRO and MFAFT’s Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts (DMCPs) to unearth business opportunities that will generate foreign direct investments and drive exports from Jamaica. 

Foreign Ministry & JAMPRO sign economic diplomacy MoU1
(L-R) Ambassador Marcia Gilbert-Roberts, Permanent Secretary of the MFAFT (left) and Diane Edwards, President of JAMPRO, pose after signing an MOU that facilitates greater cooperation between their organisations through the Economic Diplomacy Programme.

Over 85 DMCPs across Asia, Africa, North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Central and South America have been engaged through webinars, sector presentations and meetings during the EDP’s first phase in 2020. New investment and export prospects have been explored in sectors like Tourism, Logistics, Energy and Infrastructure, and Agribusiness.  Other areas of focus will include the Manufacturing and Outsourcing industries. 

The EDP also provides a platform for JAMPRO and DMCPs to identify areas of new demand for Jamaican products and services as well as any challenges that may impact Jamaica’s ability to capitalise on the opportunities within each region. 

Foreign Ministry & JAMPRO sign economic diplomacy MoU2
(L-R) Trecia Elliott, Senior Director, Policy and Planning Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (MFAFT), Ambassador Marcia Gilbert-Roberts, Permanent Secretary of the MFAFT, Diane Edwards, President of JAMPRO, and Gabriel Heron, Vice President of Marketing at JAMPRO, smile happily after the signing of the EDP Mou.

President of JAMPRO, Diane Edwards, shared that the collaboration with MFAFT has been fruitful thus far. “
This partnership has allowed us to increase our activities with Jamaica’s DMCPs, and create meaningful business relationships with international investors. As we seek new ways to promote Jamaica, it is our belief that this programme has opened a gateway for JAMPRO, and Jamaica’s government on the whole, to collaborate more and build deeper relationships in our marketing efforts.

We are optimistic for 2021, and we will be seeking more opportunities to partner with our Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts,” she noted.

Ambassador Marcia Gilbert-Roberts, Permanent Secretary of the MFAFT, stated that; “The EDP is an important initiative in the Ministry’s renewed economic diplomacy thrust, as we seek to more effectively leverage our resources overseas for trade and investment promotion.   Our Foreign Service Officers and Honorary Consuls across the globe are fully committed to pursuing the objectives of the programme, and already we have seen some positive outcomes from the activities undertaken since its launch in June 2020. We therefore, welcome the signing of this MOU, which represents a further step in the strengthening of our collaboration with JAMPRO towards advancing Jamaica’s economic growth and development goals.”

The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)’s mission is to drive economic development through growth in investment and export. JAMPRO is an Agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment, and Commerce.